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Vanderlande Industries - Airport Check-In Equipment, Baggage Sorting Systems and Hold Baggage Screening

Vanderlande Industries is among the world's top three suppliers of airport check-in equipment and baggage handling systems. It provides fast, safe and robust security screening, storage, sorting and transportation of departure baggage from check-in to departure gate, as well as of transfer and arrival baggage.

Vanderlande Industries offers all available baggage handling technologies including integration of robotics, from concept analysis and design to long-term services including operations and maintenance. These enable airports to effectively address the pressures on cost, handling quality and security, as well as to deal effectively with increasing passenger numbers and baggage volumes.

Check-in equipment

Vanderlande Industries offers a range of modular airport check-in equipment that are thoroughly proven in service. More than 4,000 check-in units have been supplied to airports around the world. Conventional manned check-ins of various designs as well as baggage drop-off kiosks and self check-in systems have been implemented successfully.

Vanderlande Industries' check-in solutions enable rapid and efficient movement of passengers and their baggage, with special attention for ergonomic, passenger-friendly operation and styling that unobtrusively matches airport architecture.

Hold baggage screening

Vanderlande Industries knows that hold baggage screening requires more than just a few screening machines. Therefore, at Vanderlande Industries we offer a concept that ensures all baggage is safe by integrating the screening machines into the overall baggage handling system. This results in an efficient workflow and acceptable lifecycle costs while maintaining passengers' safety and ease of use.

Baggage sorting systems

Vanderlande Industries offers a wide range of airport baggage sorting systems and technologies varying from vertical sorting by the VERTISORTER or lift to horizontal sorting by a VERTIBELT, parallel pusher or VIPER.

For higher capacity sorting, the HELIXORTER tilt tray sorter is the perfect solution. The BAGTRAX and TUBTRAX DCV systems offer the ultimate in high-speed and high-capacity baggage sorting.

Finally, Vanderlande Industries offers the innovative BAXORTER loop sorter. Although specially designed for small and medium-sized airports, terminals of large airports can also take advantage of this system, which is based on the proven technology of the TRIPLANAR carousel (over 1,000 of which have been installed worldwide).

Baggage storage systems

For transfer baggage or baggage which has been checked in early, our baggage storage systems for temporary storage are a very effective solution. This baggage can be retrieved from its temporary storage based on departure time or priority. Storage capacity is designated to be one of the most important parameters.

Vanderlande Industries offers a wide range of manual or automated storage concepts using carts or containers, belts, TUBTRAX, BAGTRAX, or the BAGSTORE automated storage and retrieval system.

Baggage-claim conveyors and carousels

By making optimum use of the available space, Vanderlande Industries' ultra-silent baggage-claim conveyors and carousels offer the highest possible efficiency. The company offers a variety of flat or tilted systems, such as TRIPLANAR, EASYCLAIM or CRESPLANAR. These systems can have different finishes, adjusted to the situation in the arrival area.

Baggage handling management software

Vanderlande Industries offers a standard solution through the Vanderlande Industries baggage execution system (VIBES) software. This flexible and modular baggage handling software enables the complete operational management of baggage handling systems.

The VIBES sort allocation computer (SAC) module ensures smooth operations of the basic tasks like sorting, EBS management and flight preparation.

VIBES' business process intelligence (BPI) module provides insight into the process performance of all baggage handling systems. This enables:

  • A decrease of corrective service needs
  • An increase of preventive service and maintenance possibilities
  • Reduction of operating costs
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