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UFL Group - Airport Terminal Furniture: Seating, Counters and Public Guidance Systems

UFL Group is an Australian and New Zealand-based design and manufacturing group specialising in the partial and complete fit-out of airport terminal buildings. In 2010 the company celebrates 48 years in the commercial fit-out industry.

Planning, detailing, supply, installation and servicing of all airport interior furnishings

Our services include planning, detailing, supply, installation and servicing of all interior furnishing elements including seating, counters and passenger guidance systems.

As well as being recognised for four decades as a leading solutions company, UFL's standard ranges include seating, all forms of airport counters and workstations for interior design applications.

UFL undertakes projects worldwide and provides specialist solutions to other commercial market sectors including:

  • Passenger terminals
  • Waiting and lounge areas
  • Hospitality
  • Offices
  • Theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Courthouses
  • Cruise ships
  • Ferry terminals

Terminal beam seating

UFL are experienced professionals in providing long-lasting quality terminal seating. Our beam seating ranges offer a wide range of features and finishes to suit most passenger terminal requirements.

The AS202 is a robust modular seating range with clean aesthetic qualities. The AS202 range offers style and comfort for extended periods. AS202 provides a proven and durable seating solution with efficient space utilisation and flexibility.

Longbow, the new design-led beam seating system, features architectural construction, superior styling and numerous options for tailoring to suit specific projects. Longbow achieves innovative simplicity with slim modern design, providing attractive as well as robust and durable seating. Longbow’s versatility enables maximum space utilisation as clients can have continuous rows, back to back arrangements and corner units.

The new Linear is an elegant and robust waiting area seating system, especially suited for modern public spaces. Design, function and form come together in Linear to offer a new dimension in seating.

Check-in and terminal counters

UFL's long experience and expertise in the airport furniture industry has led to the development of various advanced products and systems for airport counters, utilising the most modern materials and technologies and enabling greater economies of space and terminal efficiencies.

UFL's range of counters include the high-performance P831 check-in counter, which provides a complete and efficient work station system, catering for all airport check-in functions and providing flexible internal cabinetry and a high level of durability, with stylish, functional finishes which can be easily customised to the specific design with technical requirements of any project.

To satisfy the requirements of maximising space utilisation within check-in areas, UFL has developed the S-Series check-in counter, which provides a dynamic architectural appearance quite distinctly different to the standard wide box type check in desks. The S-Series is functional with adequate space for printers and equipment, while providing a state-of-the-art rotating-top option that enables an airport planner with up to 25% additional counter space within the terminal.

Airport passenger guidance systems

UFL Group offers a wide range of tape and rope barriers to enable controlled passenger facilitation and guidance management.

UFL Group has developed an innovative world-first with the design and manufacture of rotating tape heads. Rotating tape heads greatly improve the flexibility of an airport's queuing system, allowing for easy configuration changes which minimising wear on the tape heaps and eliminating the need for staff to lift and reposition heavy barriers, making them ideal for high-density passenger areas.

Commercial interior fit-out planning and design services

With 48 years' experience in the fit-out of commercial interiors including the specific needs and requirements of airport terminals, UFL has developed a number of ranges which can be customised to suit the style and appearance of any terminal project.

In conjunction with our customers, UFL utilises the experience and expertise of our design, planning, engineering and manufacturing departments to enable us to create functional and customised solutions to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

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