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Robin Radar SystemsFlag of Netherlands

Robin Radar Systems
Mercuriusweg 1-A
2516 AW The Hague

Tel.: +31 8 8700 8700
Fax: -
Email: [email protected]

Managing Director: Siete Hamminga
Operations Manager: Gerben Pakkert
Directory categories:
Products & services:
ROBIN offers six main systems:
  • 2D Mobile – a van-mounted system for use at temporary sites
  • 3D Fixed – combines a horizontal S-band radar with a vertical X-band radar to detect bird movements up to 10 km away in a fixed 5 km vertical area
  • 3D Flex – combines a horizontal S-band radar with a flexible FMCW radar.
  • ELVIRA® - Robin Radar System’s purpose-built Drone Detection Radar
  • MAX - One sensor. Full 3D coverage and tracks
  • Military XL – integrates with existing air force long-range surveillance radars.

ROBIN Radar Systems was spun out of the well-respected Dutch Research Institute for Applied Science (TNO) in mid 2010. Our company name is derived from the TNO project name: Radar Observation of Bird INtensity (ROBIN).

ROBIN Radar Systems BV is an independent company that acquired all TNO bird radar intellectual property, hardware and software. This means we have unique access to the world’s most advanced bird radar technology – purpose-designed for tracking and identifying birds since the 1970s.