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Jotron - VHF / UHF Base Stations, Remote Access and Control Systems

Jotron, part of the Jotron Group, has specialised in products and systems for airspace and maritime communication for more than 40 years and has been a high quality supplier in the field of communications since its founding.

The Jotron Group has operations in Norway, UK, US, Lithuania and Singapore, as well as an agent network covering the world.

Ground-to-air VHF and UHF radios

Serving the world of airspace communication for more than 30 years, Jotron offers a modern range of high performance VHF and UHF aeronautical band radios for both civil and military ATC purposes.

Designed to meet today’s requirement for voice communication, the radios are prepared for the future of digital data transmission. The unique modular architecture offers the most compact radio system configuration possible, while increasing reliability and simplifying installation, inspection and maintenance.

Well-established, with a significant reputation as a provider of modern air-traffic control systems, Jotron can create customer specific solutions, utilising accessories from top-end suppliers.

VHF AM multimode radio

Installed on every continent, our range of analogue VHF AM radios has earned a reputation for being among the most reliable radios available. References are available from civil aviation authorities that are employing these radios in the most severe environmental conditions.

Design and technology has not been compromised to create the most compact radio available, as shown by the fact that this is the radio range with the highest MTBF figures. The Jotron 7000 series VHF multimode digital radio combines excellent RF performance in congested areas with an advanced digital-signalling technique to cover the future radio communication needs of civilian authorities.

Totally controlled by an ultra-fast digital signal processor, the radio is the ultimate choice for all professional ground-to-air communication, with easy control, no internal tuneable parts and improved reliability. Easy to install and virtually maintenance free, this radio system complies with or exceeds all international standards.

UHF digital radio

New Jotron series 7000 UHF digital radios are designed to provide ground-to-air communication for professional users in the air defence frequency range. The radios provide excellent audio performance together with unmatched RF performance in tough electromagnetic environments. Voice over IP, AM and FM modulation, remote control via SNMP, and high MTBF are factors which makes these radios a crucial tool for the professional market.

UHF AM/FM military radio

Jotron series 4000 UHF AM/FM digital radios are specially designed for military applications: the radios cover the defence frequency range. The range has been fully tested and approved according to NATO specifications.

UHF and VHF power amplifiers

In certain applications or under special conditions, it might be necessary to increase the RF output power for long range communication. For this purpose, Jotron has developed its own range of VHF and UHF power amplifiers.

Utilising state-of-the art technolaogy, the amplifiers are designed with internal gain loop, providing a very low distortion and excellent gain flatness over the whole operating frequency range, as well as a temperature controlled fan for lower noise figures and increased lifetime operation. Also containing internal bypass relays for main / standby and transceiver set-up, the amplifiers have an internal auto switch for back-up power in case of power failure.

Fully microprocessor controlled, the amplifiers can be controlled via the front panel and the alphanumeric display, as well as remotely via RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface supplied with a built-in rugged light alloy chassis, the amplifiers comply with ICAO and NATO standards.

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