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Cyclone Technology LLC
1845 W 1st Street
AZ 85281

Tel.: +1 480 345 7733
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Email: [email protected]


Cyclone 4006LT
Light truck for runway rubber removal and airfield paint and marking removal.
  • Standard Cyclone system for rubber and paint removal incorporated onto a smaller truck
  • Truck chassis allows for transport speeds up to 65 mph (104 km/h)
  • 800 gallons (3000 L) of fresh water for up to 3 hours of continuous operation
  • Lowest water consumption in the industry, less than 6 gpm! (23 L/min)

    Cyclone 4006ST
    Standard Truck for runway rubber removal and airfield paint marking removal.

  • Small truck chassis for easy transport between cleaning sites or offsite waste disposal
  • Cleaning heads easily changeable from rubber removal to paint removal
  • 34in (0.86m) wide cleaning path for rubber removal, adjustable cleaning path for paint removal from 6in (0.15m) to 16 in (0.41m)
  • Fresh water tank provides up to 2 hours of operating time