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Avionic Services International Ltd
Typhoon Business Centre
Oakcroft Road
Surrey KT9 1RH

Tel.: +44 20 8391 6868
Fax +44 20 8391 3391
Email: [email protected]

Director: David Bartlett [email protected]
Director: Matt Taiyeb [email protected]
Directory categories:
Products & services:
  • ¬†HPT 2000 constant current regulator (CCR)
  • Avionic Services IACS 5000 voice switch
  • AGL 4000A airfield ground lighting system
  • Crash alarm systems
  • Clearance to land indicator (CTLI)
  • ATC Console systems

Avionic Services is recognised internationally for its technical expertise in air traffic engineering. We provide air traffic engineering services for complete turnkey projects for a wide range of airport radar, navigation, communication, meteorological, air traffic systems, airfield ground lighting systems, and ATC Control Towers. Our services include all types of Airfield / Air Traffic consultancy, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance services.

Our product range includes Voice Switches, Airfield Ground Lighting Systems (from CCRs to Control and Mimic Systems) Crash Alarm Systems, and Consoles.