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Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam - VRR Flag of Netherlands

Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam - VRR
Stolwijkstraat 57
3079 DN Rotterdam
Tel.: 31 10 479 8100
Fax: +31 10 479 5478 Email: [email protected]

Directory categories:
Products & services:
  • Aircraft containers: lower deck containers; main deck containers
  • Aircraft pallets
  • Aircraft products: semi-permanently installed equipment or specialised containers and pallets designed for a specific aircraft type
  • Car containers: all kinds of classic cars, luxury vehicles, racing cars, prototypes and promotion cars
  • Cool containers
  • High tech transport: multimodal containers are built to transport technical products that are highly sensitive to changes in their environment
  • Horse stables: certified ULD containers for safe and humane livestock transportation
  • Military products: containers based on a military-type pallet so they can be loaded and locked into military aircraft such as the A400M and C-130

VRR is a ground-breaking Dutch aviation engineering and manufacturing company that specialises in creating Unit Load Devices (ULDs). Since its founding in 1946, VRR has built up a first-class reputation in translating customers’ logistic requirements into unique products. Whether your air cargo is F1 cars or race horses, perishable goods or express mail, or even a complete aero engine, VRR can produce the right ULD for you.