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Skyworld Aviation
13-15 Sheet Street
Berkshire SL4 1BN
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 1753 832088
Fax: +44 1753 841511
Email: [email protected]
Marketing Manager: Mrs Juliet Hewitt [email protected] Tel.: +44 1753 832088
Managing Director: Chris Beer
Skyworld Aviation is one of the leading independent aircraft marketing organisations in the regional market, having concluded nearly 500 sale and lease transactions to a value of over US$850 million. We have a client list of approximately 180 companies across 60 countries worldwide, ranging from start up airlines to large airline corporations, as well as financial institutions and lessors. Our main field of expertise in the 19-120 seat category of aircraft, but we also have significant experience in the narrowbody market.

A brief history
Skyworld Aviation started trading as Skyways Aviation in 1996 and the company quickly established itself in the regional aircraft market through its links with Skyways, a dominant airline in the Scandinavian market at the time, operating over 50 regional aircraft at its peak. Skyways Aviation was tasked with managing the fleet of the airline during a period of significant change in the Swedish domestic market when several airlines were merging into one.
Once the main period of change was complete, Skyways Aviation began to branch out into third party fleet management and aircraft trading. In 2009 Skyways Aviation became an independent organisation and rebranded as Skyworld Aviation, giving freedom to expand the customer base, explore new territories and diversify business with new aircraft types. Skyworld Aviation soon became one of the leaders in the industry and remains one of the dominant players in regional aircraft trading.  

Skyworld Aviation provides the following primary services. We also provide ancilliary services such as consultancy, technical advice, advice on aircraft sale/lease contracts. We also have the ability to provide marketing services for third parties in the regional market. For more information please contact Juliet Hewitt on + 44 1753 832088, [email protected]

Aircraft Marketing
Skyworld Aviation is a market leader in regional aircraft marketing, having processed nearly 500 aircraft transactions in 18 years of operation, across 60 countries in all continents. Specialist areas are in the 19-120 seat capacity used aircraft as well as freighter aircraft in the regional market. Through its extensive experience and network of contacts, Skyworld's worldwide presence has meant that a well established operator contact database is in place which is vital to effective marketing. We have established a bespoke email marketing system which is the most effective way of quickly going to market, alongside all the usual media channels via the web and classified advertising. Established customer relationships also play a vital role in the nurturing of aircraft placements and this is where Skyworld's extensive network of contacts and experience comes into play. We pride ourselves on being one of the most successful aircraft marketing agents worldwide.

Aircraft Sourcing
Through its network of contacts, market intelligence and an Internationally based team, Skyworld Aviation is able to source aircraft which are not necessarily on the advertised market. The advertised market only represents a small proportion of aircraft that available for sale or lease, and using Skyworld's expertise and knowledge in the market we can match the right aircraft with the customer's needs from the right supplier. Additionally, we can provide a fleet evaluation study if seeking to operate a new type, to ensure the customer has selected the right aircraft for their operation.

Lease Arrangement & Management
Being 'in the thick' of the market, Skyworld Aviation is best placed for advising and negotiating lease rates / terms with potential customers. Once a lease is in place Skyworld Aviation can provide lease management services which includes monitoring and consolidating maintenance reserves, lease payments and claims throughout the term of the lease. We currently provide this service for specialist investment companies as well as airlines.