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Avifilm Export Corporation
60 South Street
Valletta VLT 11

Tel.: +356 21 244306
Fax: +356 21 233093
Email: [email protected]

Avifilm has been established since 1989. We manufacture polystyrene non-slip and anti-skid film food tray liners used by the international airline industry in in-flight catering operations the world over.

We are located in Malta, at the heart of the Mediterranean. Our low cost base for specialist polystyrene manufacturing combined with this strategic location makes us extremely competitive when it comes to 'just in time' supply of orders, especially for our European customers.

Over the years we have built up a good reputation for a high quality product (polystyrene anti slip tray liners) within the airline industry - this is clear from the sheer quantity of repeat orders we receive. Avilfilm recognizes and places a great emphasis on the quality of its product and believes that the good reputation it has achieved within the airline industry is a confirmation of this belief.

Product Info:
Avifilm manufacture thin film polystyrene anti-skid and non-slip tray mats and liners for the airline industry. Depending on customer requirements we offer different sizes, from 95x95mm up to 418x720mm with square or rounded corners and finished with flexographic printing in up to 4 colours.

Avifilm is operating in a large market and there is a realistic potential for growth. The 'specialisation' of the product makes the company one of a very small number of suppliers of polystyrene anti-skid and non-slip tray mats to the airline industry worldwide.

The company is focusing on market penetration to achieve its set objectives, where there exists a realistic potential for growth. Due to the intense competition which the organisation constantly faces, Avifilm is continually striving to maintain a low cost base by aiming to achieve high efficiency and maximum effectiveness. The recent investment in a new extruder and state of the art printer has enabled the company to increase its output and further improve its productivity.

Avifilm is also investing in Research & Development in order to develop newly identified applications stemming from the core product (Polystyrene anti-skid and non-slip tray mats). The development of such applications will offer realistic potential opportunities for product development and further strategic development for the organisation.


  • Spacer to divide products in cartons during transportation/storage
  • Polystyrene non-slip tray mats for the cruise liner, railway and hotel trade.
    Polystyrene anti-skid tray mats for the cruise liner, railway and hotel trade.
  • Dividing foil for the application of hair highlights
  • Artificial decorative hay for use in hampers
  • Non slip large size mat for hospital trolleys