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Aeroparts (USA) IncFlag of USA

Aeroparts (USA) Inc
PO Box 488
Cottage Grove
MN 55016

Tel.: +1 651 765 9151
Fax: +1 651 653 8970
Email: [email protected]

Director of Aircraft: Herbert Grace [email protected] Tel.: +1 651 261 0412

AeroParts (USA), Inc is a Worldwide after market Re-marketer, Supplier of Aircraft, Freighters and Cargo Planes, VIP Aircraft, Helicopters, Aircraft Maintenance Spare parts packages and related items to Commercial, Regional and Worldwide Companies.

We deal with Private Companies, VIPs, Airlines, Start ups, Banks, Aircraft manufactures and other suppliers/Institutions, Freighter and Cargo Forwarders, Aviation and logistics Companies, Resellers, Brokers, Govt and Non Govt organisations Plus Parastatal Organization in the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Block, Asia, Africa, Russia, Baltic Region, Latin America, and USA etc.