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A&B Aviation ME LLC
PO Box 40382
601A, Office Tower
Twin Tower Baniyas Road
Tel.: +971 4 223 3776
Fax: +971 4 228 8896
Email: [email protected]
Director: Ms Bhakti Bal Tel.: +971 4 223 3776

A&B Aviation ME LLC is committed to providing its customers with most cost effective and complete on demand aviation services. Customers will be treated fairly and respectfully; we understand the importance of satisfying a customer. Our team is dedicated to attaining this mission using the skills, knowledge and commitment of all team members. We know that you, our esteemed clients are just as concerned about your costs as you are about the quality and standard of the services provided to you.

With offices in Dubai, Delhi, Moscow, and Amsterdam our network-centric operation ensures proper communication between clients and partners allowing for a shared situational awareness at all times. This enables collaboration, self-synchronization and enhances sustainability and speed of implementation, directly increasing the reliability and effectiveness of our services.

A&B Aviation ME LLC offers the following services:

  • Air Cargo Charters
  • Passenger Charters
  • Flight Support Services