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Zafire is a software solutions provider to both the aviation, and service and repair management industries. Our mission is to ensure that all of our customers maximise their potential by providing them with the tools that they need and that exactly match their requirements.

The second most-common passenger complaint about airports relates to lost bags; 61% of frequent flyers have reported baggage loss in the past 12 months. Additionally, bags travelling without an accompanying passenger are a huge security risk.

Baggage reconciliation and handling

Airlines and airports are constantly searching for solutions to:

  • Provide an industry-standard baggage reconciliation system (BRS) and baggage management system (BMS) Reduce the percentage of lost baggage due to manual mishandling Reduce the amount of lost baggage due to unorganised baggage management in the baggage handling area Reduce the time required for interline baggage transferral (to less than the industry standard of 50min between transfer flights) Ensure bags are authorised to be loaded on the right container Limit human error in baggage handling by providing the tools to make informed decisions Provide proactive communication of information of mishandled / lost baggage to passengers
  • Increase baggage management in baggage area for optimised security of baggage, from check-in to baggage pick-up at final destination
FirstBag baggage management systems

Zafire Aviation’s FirstBag™ has been developed to bridge the gaps in bag management system design. The information is inputted via a simple handheld system and all information is downloaded into an Internet-based back end system.One of the first systems to use the Internet, rather than the traditional closed system with only limited access, it increases the transparency of information from the bag handler to the airline customer (or airport) using the software. This reduces the amount of ad hoc requests before a flight departs and increases the communication flow between operations.Each time that a passenger checks in a bag, it is allocated a unique bar code and the DCS sends a baggage source message (BSM) to FirstBag containing the passenger and bag information. The information is held in the FirstBag baggage management system database and associated with the correct flight. When the bag arrives in the baggage makeup room, the bar code is scanned using a hand-held terminal and a check is performed to ensure that it matches the passenger and flight information that is held in the database (i.e. correct flight, class, destination and passenger).

If the bag passes the check, the FirstBag baggage management system will authorise it for loading. If loading staff attempt to load a bag into the wrong container, FirstBag will issue a warning and advise the correct location for the luggage; thus eliminating the 'human error' factor.

Baggage loss reduction

The commercial strategy to reduce lost luggage for airlines with high interline baggage has seen real improvement from 5% to below 1.5%, saving one particular Asian carrier over $1m per year.Due to transparency of information, airline customers and baggage staff have significantly decreased the number of phone calls normally required for search and recover due to difference in systems. Now that the airlines have access to the information they are able to identify the problem faster, to improve their own customer service to their own passengers.

To become part of our ever-increasing customer base or to discuss your unique baggage management requirements for a customised FirstBag™ system, contact us using the details below.

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