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VOLARTEC is a professional services and IT company that provides integrated and flexible MRO software solutions for the aerospace industry.

With more than 15 years experience in the aviation industry, and made up of IT specialists and aviation experts, Volartec assures a successful combination of professionalism and excellence.

Through its functionally sophisticated, easy to use system ALKYM, Volartec grants the most profitable product available in the market today.

By almost 100% customer satisfaction within the ISO 9001-2008 survey, Volartec provides superior products and professional software implementations services to companies worldwide.

Product Info:

When we began the development of Alkym® we had six simple goals in mind for an integrated control and management software for aircraft maintenance. It was to be:

  1. Rich in Functionality.
  2. An easy to use product.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Have a short time scale to implement.
  5. Be able to grow with the customer.
  6. Be fully supported by a professional team.

These were the goals we set because as aviation professional we had searched the market many times seeking such a combination. There are many that meet some of those goals but for us the balance was never right. From those simple principles came Alkym.

Alkym represents one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions specially designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve performance, and maximize productivity while enhancing growth and meeting future challenges.

Alkym ® is specially designed to:

  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Improve performance.
  • Maximize productivity.
  • Facilitate companies' growth but not costs.
  • Meet future challenges.

Integration is critical. This  and is why Alkym offers coverage and support for the main processes of Aircraft Maintenance, simplifying the working system and making it possible to achieve better results with little effort.

Alkym manages the process information flow between different maintenance functions and areas in a completely integrated and efficient way. Our solution allows our customer to gather relevant data related to the activities and operations carried out during the process, making that information available to all users through simple and easy to use tools.