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VisionMonitor Software
11451 Katy Freeway, Suite 200
TX 77079
Tel.: +1 713 935 0500
Fax: +1 713 935 0515
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Torgeir Mantor
Global Business SAolutions Director: Craig Baker [email protected]
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VisionMonitor was originally developed to measure the performance of a company’s Safety Management System (SMS). Based on significant academic research we developed a solution that would ensure the SMS was integrated into daily operations by measuring and monitoring a set of defined Safety Performance Indicators. Since that time we have been on a mission to further develop tools and services to closely link the Human Systems and Technological systems, so that Human judgement can be based on sound knowledge derived from a variety of relevant data sources and detailed data validation and analysis. The result is a flow of information across the various data silos and systems within an organisation providing timely active knowledge to decision makers at all levels. Our latest product is named iRis, an Intelligent Risk Information System which provides you with Operational Insight.