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TAV Information Technologies Corporation
Istanbul Atatürk International Airport
34149 Yesilköy
Tel.: +90 212 465 55 55
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TAV Information Technologies is a core technology provider and system integration company, specialized in aviation, which delivers turnkey airport systems and infrastructure solutions for various parties in airports, including airport authorities, airlines and ground handling companies.

Airport operations IT systems

The key points that differentiate TAV IT are highly dedicated business experts having in-depth airport business knowledge and very talented engineers utilizing high-end technologies. TAV IT's product portfolio consists of:

  • Airport operational databases (AODB)
  • Information exchanges (IX)
  • Multi airport management systems
  • Flight information display systems (FIDS)
  • Resource management systems (RMS)
  • Management information systems (MIS)

The solutions provided by TAV IT bring reduced operation times and lowered operational expenses. The solutions for airport business provide enhanced management facilities to all airport executives.

Ultimately TAV IT redefines the way 'airport business' is perceived; exceeding customers' expectations, generating sustainable financial value and turning the airport IT management into a profit center.

TAV IT is a leading member of the SITA Partner Program and the first certified business partner of SITA, which is one of the world's leading aviation companies. As a member of the program TAV IT can add proven industry standard solutions from SITA to its portfolio, such as APC / CUTE, BRS BagManager and BagMessage.

Multiple airport management software

With our multiple airport management software, airport authorities will be capable of managing multiple airports as well as their small or large-scale operations with minimum cost and almost no integration effort. It can easily be adapted to any regional regulations and legislation, enabling the airport authorities to manage billing operations from a single point regardless of airport size and procedures.

Flight information display system

Another outstanding product from TAV IT's portfolio is its FIDS, which is changing the conventional information-display approach. The addition of a sophisticated media and advertisement management module with exhaustive content management capabilities enables your FIDS to become a revenue center.

Resource management system

One of the newest and most important products in TAV IT's portfolio, RMS is intended to increase the service levels dramatically and enable airport operators and authorities to manage both mobile and immobile resources throughout the airport.

The RMS ensures optimized resource-usage, and thus makes it possible to work in a collaborative environment with other parties in the airport. Some modules of the RMS are given below:

  • Gate and stand management system
  • Check-in desk management system
  • Baggage-belt management system
  • Mobile resources management system
Management information system

TAV IT MIS analysis with BI capabilities helps executives to operate with maximum effectiveness by gaining the insights and understanding they need to make optimal decisions. Using the rich reporting capabilities such as dragging, dropping, drilling into and cross-tabulating data, gold-collar workers freely explore business information.