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Sheorey Digital Systems

Sheorey Digital Systems Ltd
Tarabai Hall, 1st Floor
97, Marine Drive
Mumbai 400002

Tel.: +91 22 2281 9198
Fax: +91 22 2281 9226
Email: [email protected]
Business Development Manager:
Sheorey Digital Systems (SDS) is an established Indian InfoTech company, specializing in the aviation and information management domains.

At SDS we strive to provide radically efficient and cost-effective software solutions for the aviation industry. With over 4 decades of experience in aviation, our core team at SDS has been at the forefront of the present generation of airline crisis and success stories with hands on experience gained initially from the launch of six new airlines in India, and subsequently from many of its international aviation clients.

Product Info:
Our flagship product is Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS® V2).Possibly the aviation industry's most advanced and flexible Information Technology System, this product directly addresses and controls for its users the live-or-die cost sensitivity of aviation and other commercial air transport operations. It imposes an immediate overall discipline, which in turn gives users total control of costs. Control that remains constant, whatever the changing priorities of the moment, from statutory compliance and safety to operational efficiency and profitability.