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Rhino Aviation

Rhino Aviation
Klapparstíg 25-27
101 Reykjavík
Tel.: +354 666 8500
Email: [email protected]
CEO: Sigurdur Oli Gestsson
Chairman: Johann Gudbjargarson [email protected] Tel.: +354 666 8501
Rhino Aviation was founded in 2013 by Sigurdur Oli Gestsson and Johann Gudbjargarson. Sigurdur and Johann are joint owners of the company and Icelandair Technical Services (ITS) has a 50% stake in the solution.

Optimize investment, exchange and loan costs subject to:
● Part exchange rate
● Loan terms
● Interests
● Removal installation forecast

Reduce turnaround times
Proven methods of mapping up the rotable circle with the goal to increase the ratio of installed and serviceable parts. Tools used:
● Focused KPIs monitoring progress
● Detailed reports to pinpoint exceptions
● Process management to delegate tasks

Reduce cost
Optimal ratio between investments and exchanges Minimize waste in inaccessible parts
State of the art consumable inventory management system Focused goals for contracts and SOP