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prodefis GmbHFlag of Germany

prodefis GmbH
Feldgereuth 8
86926 Greifenberg
Tel.: +49 (0)30 609 843 40
Fax: +49 (0)30 609 843 499
Email: [email protected]
Marketing & Sales Director: Michael Amani
Directory categories:
Products & capabilities:
  • PRODEFIS TPMS - Training and Performance Monitoring
  • PRODEFIS COURSE - Training Scheduling, Qualification Management, Resource Management
  • PRODEFIS E-FILE - Electronic Personnel Files and Employee Self-Service for Airlines
  • PRODEFIS LMS - Web-based Learning Management System
  • PRODEFIS AIS - Information System for Airlines and their Business Partners
  • PRODEFIS CAP - Arrangement of Crew Accommodation and Travel
  • Flexible Delivery Models - License and Secure prodefis Cloud (SaaS)
  • Supplementary Services - Services & Consulting around EBT, ATQP and AQP

Prodefis provides specialised training management solutions to the aviation industry. All of our products have been developed in close cooperation with airlines for airlines. We are based in Germany and serve clients across the globe, such as Lufthansa Group Airlines, Tui Airlines Group and Cathay Pacific.