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Thomas Oswald Aerospace Software

Thomas Oswald Aerospace Software
Waldweg 10
8044 Weinitzen
Tel.: +43 699 1003 1034
Email: [email protected]
Owner: Dr Thomas Oswald [email protected] Tel.: +43 699 1003 1034
We develop Aerospace Software, Flight Software and Software for pilots. Additionally we conduct research in the aerospace sector and in the field of electrodynamics, antennas, numerical electromagnetics and wave propagation.

Thomas Oswald Aerospace Software was founded in 2002. We where collaborating with the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as well as Karl Franzens Universität Graz. We participated in missions of ESA and NASA and have experience in the field of antenna calibration and numerical simulation of antennas and wave propagation.

Please find our flight training software and apps for pilots on the respective pages of our web-site. You will find software suitable for flight schools and student pilots, like a navigation calculator for pilots, which can be purchased in our web-shop. A perfect companion for your flight training.

One of our new tools is the first electronic aircraft log for your iPad.

Additionally we offer customized software and IT services.