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OCG Aviation

Zip code:
ON, M9V 2T2
+1 416 526 0442
Chairman: Zafran Hilur [email protected] Tel.: +1 416 526 0442
OCG Aviation was established to provide a one stop solution to clients in the aviation industry. We provide solutions to operators of commercial and business aircrafts and to suppliers and manufacturers. Our solutions begin from the sale or lease of the aircraft and continue in the long term and expand into providing all solutions such as interior refurbishing, aircraft spares including engines, fleet modernization, finance solutions and many more in order to help our clients succeed in the long term.
Our culture is designed with simplicity in order to provide effective solutions for our clients globally so they can benefit from our experts in order for them to succeed in the long-term. Our commitment is regardless of the size of the transaction, from one engine to an entire fleet of aircraft, our goal is to help our clients get the optimum solution for their requirements.