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Changes in the airlines industry are driven by the increase in international air traffic, the rising popularity of low-cost carriers, and the increased use of mobile and other digital technologies. Heightened competition, large volumes of unstructured data, and unpredictability in fuel prices are altering traditional revenue generation models. As customer needs and preferences evolve, airlines must revamp their value propositions. They need to focus on ancillary revenues, the use of customer analytics, improving operational efficiencies, and enhancing customer experience.

NIIT Technologies brings to the industry more than 20 years of domain and technology experience. We have invested several hundred person-years in providing IT services to leading airlines worldwide. Our consulting services and digital strategies — and our involvement with the New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative — help airlines offer superior customer experience, increase direct distribution, and optimize business processes. Our industry-specific solutions include QOSMOS, Route Profitability Analyzer, Revenue Analytics, Revenue Accounting, Fare Audit, and Simplified Interline Settlement. We also provide mobility solutions including TravelMate.

NIIT Technologies Advantage

  • Reduces time-to-market, with more than 3000 skilled resources providing domain support across multiple airline business areas
  • Reduces costs via an effective onshore/offshore ratio
  • Enhances quality of deliverables, driven by our robust process framework
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Better-informed decision making capabilities