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Net Display Systems

Net Display Systems
Luchthavenweg 59-1
5657EA Eindhoven
Tel.: +31 88 266 1177
Fax: +31 88 266 1178
Email: [email protected]
Chief Marketing Officer: Arthur Damen [email protected] Tel.: +31 88 266 1166
Net Display Systems (NDS), founded in 1994, is a worldwide recognized player in digital signage software specialized in Smart Digital Signage.

We make our digital signage smart by connecting with data sources such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics®, SAP, content management systems, video surveillance systems, room reservation systems, queue management solutions, and social media.

Based on these data sources we can dynamically change the content on your display, resulting in a strong digital signage solution. To push the limits we add interactivity, real-time web content and analytics to your digital signage for maximum engagement with your audience.

Smart Digital Signage is powered by PADS, our out-of-the box software that will design, schedule, distribute, play and manage any message on any screen at the right moment for the right audience.

With an extensive partner network our company is active in more than 75 countries. Our partners are dedicated and specialized professionals providing installation, training and support of the Net Display Systems products.

We have thousands of installations in multiple market sectors varying from transportation, corporate and government to hospitality, retail and healthcare.

Installations vary from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage solutions.

1 in 4 of the 100 most recognized brands have chosen PADS of Net Display Systems as their digital signage platform.

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