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Merlot Aero Limited
PO Box 46-321
Auckland 1147
Tel.: +64 9 361 2400
Fax: +64 9 361 2401
Email: [email protected]
Marketing Manager: Richard Mott [email protected] Mob. +44 7491 486286
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  • Airline Operations Management Software to forecast, organise, plan, predict, measure and report on activity to optimise daily aircraft and crew utilisation of your airline. – Airline Operations Management Solution is a comprehensive suite of modules for airline operations and crew management, planning, tracking and regulatory compliance to manage operations and ensure overall safety, efficiency and quality of your airline. is unique, it is the only truly internet based airline operations management tool on the market. The modules can be used independently or together to provide a fully-integrated airline operations management system for optimum airline performance. The system is offered through a hosted and self-hosted model on a leased license basis.

Merlot Aero is a New Zealand based software development company with a reputation as an innovator of high performance airline operations management tools. We have decades of experience developing industry-leading solutions for airline operations. We continually receive praise from our clients for our Legendary Service, something we don’t take for granted, and strive to achieve day-to-day.

Merlot's products are deployed via a true cloud-computing solution. The solution combines Software as a Service (Saas) principles for real-time data and web services enabled applications which can be deployed over a private or public cloud platform offering true cloud reliability and uptime performance.