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IATA Airline Code - 2

IATA airline designators are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines. The following page lists all of the codes that start with 2.

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IATA code
ICAO code
AWB prefix
Airline name Base airport Country Start
2B AWT - Albawings Tirana (TIA) Albania 2016
2B BGM - AK Bars Aero Bugulma (UUA) Russia 2010
2D OST - Alania Airlines Vladikavkaz Russia 1995
2F IRP - Payam Air Tehran (THR) Iran 1996
2G - - San Juan Airlines San Juan Puerto Rico 1950
2G AGU - Angara Airlines Irkutsk (IKT) Russia 2000
2I SRU - Star Peru Lima (LIM) Peru 1998
2J VBW 226 Air Burkina Ougadougou (OUA) Burkina Faso 1967
2K GLG 547 Avianca Ecuador Guayaquil (GYE) Ecuador 2014
2L OAW - Helvetic Airways Zurich (ZRH) Switzerland 2002
2N NTJ 121 Next Jet Stockholm (ARN) Sweden 2003
2N UMK - Yuzmashavia Dnepropetrovsk (DNK) Ukraine 1993
2P APQ 211 Airphil Express Manila (MNL) Philippines 1995
2P APQ 211 PAL Express Manila (MNL) Philippines 2013
2P - - Puerto Rico Air Management San Juan (SJU) Puerto Rico 2005
2Q SNC 883 Air Cargo Carriers Milwaukee (MKE) USA 1986
2T TRJ - TruJet Hyderabad (HDD) India 2015
2W WLC - Welcome Air Innsbruck (INN) Austria 2000
2Z CGN - Chang'an Airlines Xi'an (XIY) China - PRC 2000