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Aircraft ICAO and IATA codes - Embraer

Embraer - the Empresa Brasileira de Aeronutica S.A., is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate. The company produces commercial, military, and corporate aircraft, as well as providing related aerospace services. From 1999 to 2001 it was Brazil's largest exporter and is one of the three main exporters in Brazil. Among all aircraft manufacturers, it currently has the third[3] largest yearly delivery of commercial aircraft (behind Boeing, Airbus) and the third largest workforce (behind Boeing and Airbus).

Aircraft Model
Wake Category
Embraer 170 E170 E70 70 Medium Brazil
Embraer 190 E190 E90 98 Medium Brazil
Embraer EMB.120 Brasilia E120 EM2 30 Light Brazil
Embraer EMB.110 Bandeirnate E110 EMB 18 Medium Brazil
Embraer 170/190 n/a EMJ 70 to 98 Medium Brazil
Embraer RJ135 E135 ER3 37 Medium Brazil
Embraer RJ145 Amazon E145 ER4 50 Medium Brazil
Embraer RJ140 n/a ERD 44 Medium Brazil
Embraer RJ135 / RJ140 / RJ145 n/a ERJ 37 to 44 Medium Brazil