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AirNet Systems

IATA Prefix
Star Check
AirNet Express Gates Learjet 35A
AirNet Express
7250 Starcheck Drive
OH 43217
Tel.: +1 614 409 4900
Fax: +1 800 926 7283
Email: [email protected]
Type: Scheduled, charter, domestic, cargo
Owner: AirNet Systyems (100%)
Base: Columbus Rickenbacker (LCK)
Hubs: -
Start of ops: 1974
Associations Regional Airline Association -RAA
AirNet Express operates this equipment: Executives:
  • 11 x Bombardier Learjet 35A
  • 12 x Cessna 208 series
Chief Financial Officer:
VP Flight ops :
VP Aircraft Maintenance:
John Dupuy
Fred De-Leeuw
Thomas Shaner
Chuck Paul

AirNet Express is an American Part 135 cargo airline based in Columbus, Ohio. It specializes in delivery of documents and small packages. The main sort facility is located at Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus. In September 2008, Airnet announced that they were moving the sort facility to Chicago, reducing the number of aircraft, and redesigning their route network.
The airline was established in 1974 and was formerly known as US Check Airlines. Since September 1996 it has acquired seven similar but smaller businesses, including: Wright International Express, acquired in 1984; Air Continental, acquired in 1988; Midway Aviation, of Dallas, TX; Express Convenience Center, of Southfield, MA; Pacific Air Charter, of San Diego, CA, acquired in June 1997; and Data Air Courier, of Chicago, IL, in July 1997. Airnet Express is wholly owned by Bayside Capital, who purchased the company for $38 million in early 2008 and took the company private.