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TAAG Angola AirlinesFlag of Angola

TAAG Angola Airlines

IATA Code ICAO code Freight Prefix Callsign Established Hubs
DT DTA - Angola Sept-1938 Luanda (LAD)

xxx operates this equipment: Executives:
  • 4 x Boeing 737-400
  • 1 x Boeing 737-700QC
  • 3 x Boeing 737-200ER
  • 4 x Boeing 737-300ER
  • CEO:Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha
    CFO: Vipula Gunatilleka

    Name Alias IATA
    Country Base Dates
    TAAG Angola Airlines Angola Airlines/Linhas Aéreas de Angola DT DTA Angola Luanda 1976-
    Added on EU ban list on 4/7/07 until 8/4/09; removed from ban list effective 14/7/09, 26/11/09 for specific 777/737 aircraft only, and subsequent dates; eventually removed from ban list on 16/6/16. Management contract initiated in 9/14 with Emirates to return to profitability; terminated 7/17 by Emirates
    TAAG   DT   Angola Luanda 1973-1976
    DTA Direccao de Exploraceo dos Transportes Aéreos DT   Angola Luanda 1938-1973


    Aircraft crashed, destroyed, damaged, or hijacked
    Date Aircraft type Reg. Location Country Fatal Cat.
    28-Jun-07 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBP M'Banza Cong... Angola 5+ 1 crashed
    26-Dec-02 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBD near Windhoek Namibia 0 damaged
    14-Apr-97 Fokker F-27 Friendship 600 D2-TFP Brazzaville-... Congo 3 crashed
    20-Feb-92 Boeing 707-349C D2-TOJ Luanda-4 de ... Angola 0 crashed
    10-Oct-88 Boeing 707-347C D2-TOM Luanda Angola 0 crashed
    08-Feb-88 Boeing 707-349C D2-TOI Luanda-4 de ... Angola 0 crashed
    08-Jan-88 Yakovlev 40K D2-TYD Luanda Airpo... Angola 0 crashed
    08-Jun-86 Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules D2-THA Dundo Airpor... Angola 0 destroyed
    09-Feb-84 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBV Huambo Airpo... Angola 0 destroyed
    08-Nov-83 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBN near Lubango Airp... Angola 130 destroyed
    29-Nov-82 Antonov 26 D2-TAB Monte Bibala Angola 15 crashed
    16-May-81 Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules D2-EAS near Menongue Air... Angola 4 destroyed
    04-Nov-80 Boeing 737-2M2C D2-TAA Benguela Air... Angola 0 crashed
    08-Jun-80 Yakovlev 40K D2-TYC near Matala Angola 19 destroyed
    15-May-79 Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules D2-FAF São Tomé Isl... Sao Tomé 0 crashed