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Air AlgérieFlag of Algeria

Air Algérie
1, Place Maurice Audin
Tel.: +213 21 63 36 46
Fax: +213 23 50 41 25
Email: [email protected]

IATA Code ICAO code Freight Prefix Callsign Established Hubs
AH DAH Air Algerie 15 March 1947 Houari Boumediene Airport

Air Algérie operates this equipment: Executives:
  • 8 x Airbus A330-200
  • 12 x ATR 72-500
  • 3 x ATR 72-600
  • 5 x Boeing 737-600
  • 2 x Boeing 737-700C
  • 25 x Boeing 737-800
  • 3 x Boeing 767-300
  • 1 x Lockheed L-100

CEO: Mohamed-Salah Boultif

Name Alias
Country Base Dates
Air Algérie Entreprise Nationale d'Exploitation des Services Aériens AH DAH Algeria Alger 1962-
Nationalized in 1972
CGTA-Air Algérie Compagnie Générale de Transports Aériens-Air Algérie     Algeria Alger 1953-1962
Merged 23/5/1953 with Compagnie Air Transport
SACA-Air Algérie Société Algérienne de Construction Aéronautique-Air Algérie     Algeria Alger 1947-1953
Became CGTA on 15/6/53 when acquired by Compagnie Générale Transtlantique (70%) & Compagnie de Navigation Mixte (30%)
Air Algerie B737-800Air Algérie is the national airline of Algeria,with its head office in the Immeuble El-Djazair in Algiers.With flights operating from Houari Boumedienne Airport, Air Algérie operates scheduled international services to 39 destinations in 28 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as domestic services to 32 airports. The airline is a member of IATA, the AACO, and of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) since 1968.

As of December 2013, Air Algérie was 100% owned by the government of Algeria.

Aircraft crashed, destroyed, damaged, or hijacked
Date Aircraft type Reg. Location Country Fatal Cat.
14-Mar-08 Boeing 737-8D6 7T-VKA Sétif-Ain Ar... Algeria 0 damaged
13-Aug-06 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 7T-VHG near Piacenza Italy 3 crashed
18-Mar-06 Boeing 737-6D6 7T-VJQ Sevilla Airp... Spain 0 damaged
19-Aug-03 Boeing 737   Oran-es Seni... Algeria 0 hijacked
06-Mar-03 Boeing 737-2T4 7T-VEZ Tamanrasset ... Algeria 102 crashed
19-Jan-03 Boeing 737-8D6   Algiers-Houa... Algeria 0 hijacked
31-Jan-99 Boeing 727-2D6 7T-VEH Constantine-... Algeria 0 crashed
02-Aug-96 Boeing 737-2D6C 7T-VED Tlemcen Air... Algeria 0 damaged
25-Jul-96 Boeing 767-3D6   Oran-Es Seni... Algeria 0 hijacked
21-Dec-94 Boeing 737-2D6C 7T-VEE near Coventry-Bag... UK 5 crashed
13-Nov-94 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M 7T-VRK Palma de Mal... Spain 0 hijacked
28-Feb-94 unknown   Alicante Air... Spain 0 hijacked
25-Jul-91 Fokker F-27 Friendship 400M 7T-VRM In Guezzam A... Algeria 0 crashed
31-Mar-91 Boeing 737   Algiers-Houa... Algeria 0 hijacked
28-Dec-90 Boeing 737   Annaba Airpo... Algeria 0 hijacked
01-Aug-89 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 7T-VHK Tamanrasset-... Algeria 0 crashed
24-Jan-79 Nord 262A-44 7T-VSU near Béchar-Leger... Algeria 14 crashed
02-May-76 Convair CV-640 7T-VAH Djanet-Inedb... Algeria 0 destroyed
23-Sep-73 SE-210 Caravelle III 7T-VAI Algiers-Dar ... Algeria 0 crashed
31-Aug-70 Convair CV-640   Dubrovnik Ai... Croatia 0 hijacked
26-Jul-69 SE-210 Caravelle VI-N 7T-VAK near Hassi Messao... Algeria 33 crashed
11-Apr-67 Douglas DC-4 7T-VAU near Tamanrasset ... Algeria 35 crashed
11-Jun-65 Douglas C-54A (DC-4) 7T-VAC Algiers-Dar ... Algeria   destroyed
22-May-63 Douglas C-47B (DC-3) F-OAVR Hassi Messao... Algeria   destroyed
26-Apr-62 Lockheed L-749A Constellation F-BAZE Algiers-Mais... Algeria 0 destroyed
19-May-60 SE-210 Caravelle IA F-OBNI near Paris-Orly A... France 1 damaged
17-Dec-55 Lockheed L-749A Constellation F-BAZG Algiers-Mais... Algeria 0 crashed
30-Oct-51 SNCASO SO.30P Bretagne F-OAIY Paris-Orly A... France 0 crashed
08-Jan-49 Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BCYO Lyon-Bron Ai... France 0 crashed
12-Dec-47 Douglas C-47A (DC-3) F-BCYF Paris-Orly A... France   destroyed