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Ariana Afghan Airlines logo

Ariana Afghan AirlinesFlag of Afghanistan

Ariana Afghan Airlines
Meteorology Building
Kabul Airport
PO Box 76
Tel.: +93 75 202 2884
Fax: +870 60 014 2239
Email: -

IATA Code ICAO code Freight Prefix Callsign Established Hubs
FG AFG 255 Ariana 1956 Kabul International

Ariana Afghan Airlines operates this equipment: Executives:
  • 2 x Airbus A310-300
  • 2 x Boeing 737-400
  • President: Mohammad Daud Sharifi
    Chief Commercial Officer: Abdul Ali Forugh

    Name Alias
    Country Base Dates
    Ariana Afghan Airlines AAA FG AFG Afghanistan Kabul 1956-
    Indamer's stake taken-over in 1957 by Pan American. Ceased ops in 1985 until 1988 when Bakhtar was taken-over. Listed on EU ban list 22/3/06 (except for A310 F-GYYY), 5/3/07 (for all aircraft) and subsequent dates.
    Aryana Airlines       Afghanistan Kabul 1955-1956
    Formed 1/55 by Afghan government (51%) and India's Indamer (49%).  

    Ariana Afghan Airbus A310Ariana Afghan Airlines Co. Ltd is the largest airline of Afghanistan and serves as the country's national carrier.

    The company has its main base at Kabul International Airport, from where it operates domestically, and also provides international connections that link Afghanistan with China, Germany, India, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan and Turkey.

    The carrier is wholly owned by the Afghan government. Ariana Afghan Airlines has been on the list of air carriers banned in the European Union since October 2006.

    Aircraft crashed, destroyed, damaged, or hijacked
    Date Aircraft type Reg. Location Country Fatal Cat.
    07-Nov-14 Boeing 737-4Y0 YA-PIE Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan 0 damaged
    08-May-14 Boeing 737-4Y0 YA-PIB Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan 0 crashed
    23-Mar-07 Airbus A300B4-203 YA-BAD Istanbul-Ata... Turkey 0 crashed
    06-Feb-00 Boeing 727-228 YA-FAY London-Stans... United Kingdom 0 hijacked
    19-Mar-98 Boeing 727-228 YA-FAZ near Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan 45 crashed
    29-Oct-97 Yakovlev 40 YA-KAE Jalalabad Ai... Afghanistan 1 crashed
    11-Sep-95 Antonov 26B YA-BAO near Jalalabad Ai... Afghanistan 3 crashed
    28-Aug-92 Antonov 26 YA-BAN Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan   destroyed
    01-Aug-92 Yakovlev 40 YA-KAB Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan   destroyed
    01-Aug-92 Yakovlev 40 YA-KAF Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan   destroyed
    01-Aug-92 Tupolev 154M YA-TAP Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan 0 destroyed
    29-May-92 Tupolev 154M YA-TAP Kabul Afghanistan 0 damaged
    18-Jun-89 Antonov 26 YA-BAK Zabol Airpor... Iran 6 crashed
    06-Mar-89 Antonov   Jalalabad Ai... Afghanistan 2 destroyed
    10-Dec-88 Antonov 26     Pakistan 25 destroyed
    21-Sep-84 DC-10-30 YA-LAS Kabul Afghanistan 0 damaged
    15-Jan-69 Douglas C-47 (DC-3) YA-AAB Kabul Airpor... Afghanistan   unknown
    05-Jan-69 Boeing 727-113C YA-FAR near London-Gatwi... United Kingdom 48+ 2 crashed
    21-Nov-59 Douglas DC-4 YA-BAG near Beirut Inter... Lebanon 24 crashed
    02-Nov-59 Douglas C-47A (DC-3) YA-AAD   Greece   unknown