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Tupolev (Russian: Ту́полев, IPA:  is a Russian aerospace and defence company, headquartered inBasmanny District, Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow. Known officially as Joint Stock Company Tupolev, it is the successor of the Tupolev OKB or Tupolev Design Bureau (OKB-156, design office prefix Tu) headed by the Soviet aerospace engineer A.N. Tupolev. The company celebrated its 90th anniversary on October 22, 2012. The Russian government merged Tupolev with Mikoyan, Ilyushin, Irkut, Sukhoi, and Yakovlev as a new company named United Aircraft Corporation.
The capabilities of PSC Tupolev include development, manufacturing and overhaul for both civil and military aerospace products such as aircraft and weapons systems. It is also active with missile and naval aviation technologies. More than 18,000 Tupolev aircraft were produced for the USSR and the Eastern Bloc.

  • Tu-114 Rossiya "Cleat" long range airliner developed from the Tu-95
  • Tu-116 two Tu-95 bombers fitted with passenger cabins
  • Tu-124 "Cookpot" a short haul jet airliner developed from the Tu-104
  • Tu-134 "Crusty" a rear engine evolution of the Tu-124
  • Tu-144 "Charger" a supersonic airliner similar to Concorde
  • Tu-154 "Careless" a medium range narrow-body jet airliner
  • Tu-204 a medium range narrow-body jet airliner
  • Tu-214 Tu-204-200's built at a different factory
  • Tu-224 Tu-214 powered by two Rolls-Royce RB211 engines