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Ilyushin Il-76

The Ilyushin Il-76 is a four-engine heavy transport aircraft developed by the Soviet design bureau Ilyushin OKB, today JSC Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Russia. The Il-76 is in operation with both military and civil operators.

The Il-76 formed also the basis of the Soviet/Russian AWACS platform Beriev A-50 Shmel and the Chinese AWACS platform KJ-2000. The Il-76 is also used as an airborne tanker, designated Il-78.


Specifications for the Ilyushin Il-76
Crew 5 to 7  
Propulsion 4 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model Soloviev D-30KP  
Engine Power (each) 117,7 kN 26460 lbf
Speed 800 km/h 432 kts
      497 mph
Service Ceiling 13.000 m 42.651 ft
Range 4.200 km 2.268 NM
    2.610 mi.
Empty Weight 89.000 kg 196.211 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 190.000 kg 418.878 lbs
Wing Span 50,50 m 165 ft 8 in
Wing Area 300,0 m² 3229 ft²
Length 46,59 m 152 ft 10 in
Height 14,76 m 48 ft 5 in
First Flight 25.03.1971  
Production Status in production  
Total Production >850  
ICAO Code IL76  
IATA Code IL7  
NATO Code Candid Mainstay  
Data for (Version) Iljuschin / Ilyushin Il-76MD  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
30-Jan-15 Ilyushin 76T 5A-DNK Libyan Air Cargo Tripoli-Miti... 0 destroyed
27-Jul-14 Ilyushin 76M 5A-DZZ Libyan Air Cargo Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
16-Jul-14 Ilyushin 76T 5A-DNG Libyan Air Cargo Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
30-Nov-12 Ilyushin 76T EK76300 Air Highnesses, op.for Aéro-Service near Brazzaville-... 7+ 25 crashed
30-Oct-11 Ilyushin 76TD 4L-SKN Sky Georgia Erzurum Airp... 0 crashed
06-Jul-11 Ilyushin 76TD 4K-AZ55 Silk Way near Bagram Air B... 9 crashed
28-Nov-10 Ilyushin 76TD 4L-GNI Sun Way near Karachi-Jinn... 8+ 3 crashed
09-Mar-09 Ilyushin 76T S9-SAB Aerolift near Entebbe Airp... 11 crashed
02-Jul-08 Ilyushin 76TD EK76400 Click Airways International near Zahedan 0 damaged
30-Jun-08 Ilyushin 76TD ST-WTB Ababeel Aviation near Khartoum-Civ... 4 crashed
18-Feb-08 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76366 Botir Avia Ra'sal-Khaym... 0 crashed
14-Feb-08 Ilyushin 76TD UN-76020 Asia Continental Airlines Kandahar Air... 0 crashed
10-May-07 Ilyushin 76TD 4K-AZ41 Silk Way Trenton Airp... 0 damaged
10-May-07 Ilyushin 76TD EX-093 Tenir Air Pointe Noire... 0 destroyed
23-Mar-07 Ilyushin 76TD EW-78849 Transaviaexport near Mogadishu In... 11 destroyed
09-Mar-07 Ilyushin 76TD EW-78826 Transaviaexport Mogadishu In... 0 destroyed
11-Nov-05 Ilyushin 76TD 4L-ZIL Global Georgian Airways, op.for Royal Airlines Cargo Khak-e Shahidan 8 crashed
23-Mar-05 Ilyushin 76TD ER-IBR Airline Transport near Mwanza Airpo... 8 crashed
03-Feb-05 Ilyushin 76TD ST-EWB Air West near Khartoum 7 crashed
30-Dec-04 Ilyushin 76TD ER-IBM Airline Transport Kabul Airpor... 0 crashed
11-Dec-04 Ilyushin 76TD ER-IBW Airline Transport near Jeddah 1 damaged
14-Sep-04 Ilyushin 76TD 4K-AZ31 Silk Way near Baku Airport... 0 damaged
18-May-04 Ilyushin 76TD 4K-AZ27 Silk Way, op.for Azal Cargo near Urumqi Airpo... 7 crashed
04-Mar-04 Ilyushin 76MD UR-ZVA Azov-Avia Airlines near Baku Airport... 3 crashed
08-May-03 Ilyushin 76MD UR-UCB Ukrainian Cargo Airways, op.for D.R. Congo AF near Kinshasa 7 crashed
31-Jan-03 Ilyushin 76TD RDPL-34141 Euro Asia Aviation near Baucau-Cakun... 6 crashed
08-Dec-02 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76758 Volga-Dnepr Guam-A.B. Wo... 0 destroyed
27-Jul-02 Ilyushin 76MD UR-76717 Lvovskie avialinii Lvov-Snilow ... 0 destroyed
02-Dec-01 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76839 Federal Border Guard near Novaya Inya 18 crashed
14-Jul-01 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76588 Russ Air near Chkalovsky A... 10 crashed
18-Apr-01 Ilyushin 76MD UR-78821 Dart Oostende Air... 0 crashed
26-Jul-99 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76819 Elf Air Irkutsk Airp... 0 crashed
17-Jul-98 Ilyushin 78 UR-UCI Ukrainian Cargo Airways, op.for Air Sofia near Asmara-Yohan... 10 crashed
13-Jul-98 Ilyushin 76MD UR-76424 ATI Aircompany near Ra'sal-Khaymah 8 crashed
25-Jan-97 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76834 Voronezh Aircraft Production Ass. Anadyr Airpo... 0 crashed
12-Nov-96 Ilyushin 76TD UN-76435 Kazakhstan Airlines near Charkhi Dadri 37 crashed
19-Aug-96 Ilyushin 76T RA-76513 SPair near Beograd Airp... 11 crashed
06-Jun-96 Ilyushin 76MD UR-76539 Ukraine Air Force, op.for Hoseba Kinshasa-N'D... 10 crashed
05-Apr-96 Ilyushin 76TD RA-76752 Krasnoyarskie Avialinii near Petropavlovs... 20 crashed
31-Dec-94 Ilyushin 76TD EW-76836 Belair Sarajevo Air... 0 crashed
24-May-91 Ilyushin 76TD LZ-INK Metro Cargo near Kermanshah A... 4 crashed
12-Jun-90 Ilyushin 76MD CCCP-86905 Aeroflot / Uzbekistan near Kabul 0 destroyed
20-Oct-89 Ilyushin 76TD CCCP-76466 Aeroflot / Central Region near Leninakan Ai... 25 crashed
02-Dec-88 Ilyushin 76T   Aeroflot Tel aviv-Ben... 0 hijacked
15-Apr-86 Ilyushin 76TD 5A-DNF Jamahiriya Air Transport Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
15-Apr-86 Ilyushin 76TD 5A-DNL Jamahiriya Air Transport Tripoli Inte... 0 destroyed
23-Sep-80 Ilyushin 76 YI-AIO Iraqi Airways Baghdad-Sadd...   destroyed