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Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a twin-engined ten-seat light utility aircraft and commuter airliner produced by the British manufacturer Britten-Norman. The military variant of the Islander is designated Defender.

The BN-2 is in production since more than 50 years. It is available also with Allison/Rolls-Royce 250-B17C turboprop engines rated at 320 shp as the BN-2T.


Specifications for the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander
Crew 1  
Passengers 9  
Propulsion 2 Piston Engines  
Engine Model Lycoming O-540-E4C5  
Engine Power (each) 194 kW 260 hp
alternative Engine Variant    
Engine Model Lycoming IO-540-K1B5  
Engine Power (each) 224 kW 300 hp
alternative Engine Variant    
Propulsion 2 Turboprop Engines  
Engine Model Allison 250-B17C  
Engine Power (each) 313 kW 420 shp
Speed 272 km/h 147 kts
      169 mph
Service Ceiling 4.450 m 14.600 ft
Range 1.400 km 756 NM
    870 mi.
Empty Weight 1.638 kg 3.611 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 2.994 kg 6.600 lbs
Wing Span 14,94 m 49 ft 0 in
Wing Area 30,2 m² 325 ft²
Length 10,86 m 35 ft 8 in
Height 4,18 m 13 ft 9 in
First Flight 13.06.1965  
Production Status in production  
Total Production 1280  
Data for (Version) Britten-Norman BN-2B  
Variants BN-2A, BN-2B, BN-2T  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
12-Apr-17 BN-2A-8 Islander 8R-GAR Air Services Limited (ASL) Kopinang Air... 0 crashed
13-Apr-16 PADC/BN-2T Islander P2-SBC Sunbird Aviation near Kiunga Airpo... 12 crashed
13-Mar-16 BN-2B-20 Islander VP-ACT Anguilla Air Services Saint-Barthé... 0 damaged
20-Jan-15 BN-2T Islander ZS-NAT Xcel Aviation Dawlatabad D... 0 damaged
16-Jan-15 BN-2A-8 Islander YV2238 Chapi Air Los Roques A... 0 crashed
28-Dec-14 BN-2A-6 Islander 8R-GHE Air Services Limited (ASL) within Guyana 2 crashed
28-Sep-14 PADC/BN-2A-26 Islander N906GD Air Flamenco Ceiba-Jose A... 0 damaged
06-Jul-14 BN-2A-26 Islander 8R-GGY Domestic Airways Monkey Mount... 0 crashed
06-Jul-14 BN-2A Islander 9Q-CYA ITAB near Chirundu 0 crashed
23-Apr-14 PADC/BN-2T Islander P2-SBC Sunbird Aviation Kikori Airpo... 0 damaged
20-Jan-14 BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNP Scoala Superioara de Aviatie Civila near Petreasa, Alba 2 crashed
04-Dec-13 BN-2A-3 Islander PT-WMY Heringer Táxi Aéreo near Cachimbo, PA 5 crashed
03-Nov-13 BN-2B-21 Islander G-CIAS Channel Islands Air Search Devil's Hole... 0 crashed
06-Oct-13 BN-2A-8 Islander N909GD Air Flamenco near Cayo Luis Peña 1 crashed
23-Aug-13 BN-2B-27 Islander XC-FEE Baja California State Government near Purisima del... 0 crashed
19-Jul-13 BN-2A-21 Islander HP-1338MF My Flight Corp Isla Perico,... 0 crashed
01-Apr-13 BN-2A-27 Islander YJ-RV16 Air Vanuatu Walaha Airpo... 0 damaged
25-Jan-13 BN-2B-26 Islander ZK-DLA Fly My Sky Okiwi Statio... 0 crashed
04-Jan-13 BN-2A-27 Islander YV2615 Transaereo 5074 between Los ... 6 crashed
07-Dec-12 BN-2A-7 Islander XC-UPJ Nayarit State Government La Yesca Air... 0 crashed
07-Oct-12 BN-2A-26 Islander VP-MON FlyMontserrat Antigua-V.C.... 3 crashed
30-Aug-12 BN-2B-26 Islander B-68801 Dapeng Airlines near Jhuosi, Hual... 3 crashed
20-Aug-11 BN-2A-7 Islander 8R-GHD Trans Guyana Airways Port Kaituma... 0 crashed
08-Jun-11 BN-2B-26 Islander D-IOLO OLT Helgoland Ai... 0 damaged
16-Apr-11 BN-2A-27 Islander VP-MNI FlyMontserrat Montserrat-J... 0 damaged
15-Mar-10 BN-2A-21 Islander N663SA Servant Air Kodiak Airpo... 0 crashed
22-Oct-09 BN-2A-26 Islander PJ-SUN Divi Divi Air near Bonaire-Flam... 1 crashed
06-Sep-09 BN-2A Islander VQ-TAH Turks & Caicos National Airline Grand Turk I... 0 destroyed
06-Sep-09 BN-2A-26 Islander VQ-TAA Turks & Caicos National Airline Grand Turk I... 0 destroyed
16-Aug-09 BN-2A-6 Islander YV212T Islas Aviation Services near Caracas-Simó... 0 crashed
29-Jun-09 BN-2B-26 Islander D-ILFC LFH Luftverkehr Wangerooge A... 0 damaged
07-Jun-09 BN-2A-27 Islander C-FJJR Strait Air near Port Hope Si... 1 crashed
02-Apr-09 BN-2A Islander RP-C764 Chemtrad Aviation Barangay San... 7 crashed
19-Dec-08 BN-2A-20 Islander YJ-RV2 Air Vanuatu near Olpoi-Lajmol... 2 crashed
07-Feb-08 BN-2A-26 Islander HI-653CA Caribair El Seibo 0 damaged
02-Feb-08 BN-2A-26 Islander VP-AAG Trans Anguilla Airways, op.for Air Montserrat Anguilla-Wal... 0 crashed
03-Jan-08 BN-2A-6R Islander SAN-208 Servicio Aéreo Nacional - SAN near Bahia Piña 0 crashed
17-Oct-07 BN-2A-21 Islander G-CHES Auxiliar de Actividades Aérea near Altarejos-Gu... 1 crashed
26-Aug-07 BN-2A Islander   Honduras Air La Ceiba-Gol... 0 crashed
15-Jul-07 BN-2A-20 Islander N6561B Salmon Air Taxi Stanley, ID 0 crashed
27-Jun-07 BN-2A Islander N133RS Golden Wings Charter near Nassau Inter... 0 crashed
17-Jun-07 BN-2A-26 Islander N27MR Island Air Service Egegik Airpo... 0 damaged
28-Apr-07 BN-2A-20 Islander N634MA McCall Aviation near Hamilton-Rav... 0 crashed
25-Apr-07 BN-2A-27 Islander 8R-GET Air Services Limited (ASL) near Kopinang 3 crashed
03-Mar-07 BN-2B-26 Islander D-ILFB LFH Luftverkehr near Ruhnu Airport 0 crashed
27-Dec-06 BN-2A-27 Islander ZK-WNZ Island Air Charters near Tauranga Air... 0 crashed
19-Nov-06 BN-2B-26 Islander VP-FBI FIGAS West Point I... 0 crashed
15-Sep-06 BN-2A-9 Islander 5H-UNT Safari Express Airways Nangungu 0 crashed
18-Nov-05 BN-2A-21 Islander V3-HFO Blancaneaux Lodge near Privacion Ai... 3 crashed
09-Sep-05 BN-2B-20 Islander PK-VIA Dirgantara Air Services Samarinda 0 crashed
16-May-05 BN-2A-26 Islander C6-ASA Flamingo Air Charter near Exuma Intern... 0 crashed
15-Mar-05 BN-2B-26 Islander G-BOMG Loganair near Campbeltown-... 2 crashed
16-Oct-04 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C1325 Pacific Airways near Coron 2 crashed
29-Sep-04 BN-2A-27 Islander N902GD Air Flamenco near Vega Baja 1 crashed
23-Sep-04 BN-2A Islander N6522T Homer Air Hallo Bay, AK 0 crashed
05-May-04 BN-2B-27 Islander XC-FOE Consejo de Recursos Minerales near Vallecillos 2 crashed
13-Apr-04 BN-2A-27 Islander V3-HGK Maya Island Air near Belize City 0 damaged
12-Dec-03 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C868 Chemtrad Aviation Barangay Din... 3 crashed
04-Sep-03 BN-2A-27 Islander N630VC Venagas Construction near Cayey 0 crashed
29-Dec-02 BN-2A-7 Islander HP-1016PS PARSA   1 crashed
13-Dec-02 BN-2A-26 Islander P2-CBB Island Airways near TepTep 8 crashed
07-Nov-02 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-VIZ Dirgantara Air Services near Juwata 7 crashed
16-Jul-02 BN-2 Islander PK-TAR Borneo Air Transport, op.for Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter near Long Bawan A... 9 crashed
14-Jun-02 BN-2B-26 Islander OY-CFV Copenhagen Air Taxi Anholt 0 crashed
15-Mar-02 BN-2A-7 Islander C-GMOW Bolton Lake Air Services Elk Island, MB 0 crashed
18-Jan-02 BN-2A-27 Islander N616GL Fly BVI near Beef Island 0 crashed
26-Dec-01 BN-2B-26 Islander D-IAAI Bremerhaven Airline near Bremerhaven ... 8 crashed
22-Sep-01 BN-2A Islander PT-KTQ FUNAI near Rio Branco A... 0 crashed
11-Jan-01 BN-2A-21 Islander PT-KNE LASA near Parnamirim, BA 3 crashed
18-Nov-00 BN-2B Islander PK-VIY Dirgantara Air Services near Datah Dawai ... 0 crashed
16-Sep-00 BN-2A-8 Islander H4-AAH Solomon Islands Airlines Mbambanakira... 0 destroyed
22-May-00 BN-2A Islander   MAF PNG Erave Airpor... 0 hijacked
03-May-00 BN-2A-9 Islander 8R-GAC Trans Guyana Airways near Kurupung Air... 1 crashed
29-Apr-00 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISA North Coast Aviation Bapi Airport... 4 crashed
19-Nov-99 BN-2A-26 Islander N907VL Vieques Air Link Anguilla-Wal... 0 destroyed
09-Jun-99 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C471 Pacific Airways near Coron Airpor... 1 crashed
03-Feb-99 BN-2A-26 Islander P2-ALH Airlink near Kimbe 11 crashed
02-Feb-99 BN-2A-9 Islander PT-KNM Nortema Táxi Aéreo Porto Velho-... 0 crashed
25-Jan-99 BN-2A Islander HP-987XI ANSA San Blas Air...   crashed
16-Jan-99 BN-2A-26 Islander VH-XFF Uzu Air near Coconut Isla... 3 crashed
07-Dec-98 BN-2A-26 Islander C-FCVK Air Satellite Baie Comeau ... 7 crashed
25-Oct-98 BN-2A-3 Islander 5Y-ANV TanaMana Aviation Rwenzori mou... 4 crashed
05-Jan-98 BN-2A Islander DQ-FDW Sunflower Airlines Malololailai... 0 damaged
31-Dec-97 BN-2A Islander HP-986PS PARSA near Rio Sidra Ai... 10 crashed
27-Nov-97 BN-2A-26 Islander YJ-RV2 Vanair Emae Airport... 0 crashed
05-Sep-97 BN-2A-9 Islander F-OHFY ASF Belgique Bondo Airport 0 crashed
07-Aug-97 BN-2A Islander N1202S Aero Biekes Fajardo Airp... 0 crashed
07-Mar-97 BN-2A-26 Islander N851JA Travelair near Guapiles 0 crashed
27-Nov-96 PADC/BN-2A-26 Islander 8R-GRA Roraima Airways near Ebini 0 hijacked
23-Sep-96 BN-2A-21 Islander DQ-FIF Vanua Air Charter Ngau Island ... 0 crashed
09-Jul-96 BN-2A-21 Islander N62TA Tyden Air Saint Thomas... 0 destroyed
09-Jul-96 BN-2A-3 Islander N67TA Tyden Air Saint Thomas... 0 destroyed
29-May-96 BN-2A-27 Islander 8R-GHG Trans Guyana Airways Holitipu Air... 0 crashed
19-May-96 BN-2A-26 Islander G-BEDZ Loganair near Lerwick/Ting... 1 crashed
11-May-96 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISD Milne Bay Air near Umba 1 crashed
07-Apr-96 BN-2A-21 Islander VH-HIA Island Air Gold Coast Currumbin, QLD 0 crashed
26-Mar-96 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-VIW Dirgantara Air Services Datadawai Ai... 0 damaged
17-Mar-96 BN-2A-21 Islander N904WA Wagner Foundation near Njarðvík 0 crashed
09-Feb-96 BN-2B-20 Islander JA5322 Nagasaki Airways near Kawatana 0 crashed
08-Jan-96 BN-2A-27 Islander J8-VAK Mustique Airways near Bridgetown, ... 1 crashed
22-Dec-95 BN-2A-21 Islander P2-NAM Islands Nationair Begesin Airs... 2 crashed
17-Aug-95 BN-2A Islander 4X-CCO Barak Aviation Services Haifa Airpor... 0 crashed
29-Jul-95 BN-2A Islander P2-MBM Provincial Air Transport Fane Airport... 0 crashed
25-Jul-95 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-TNT Transniugini near Karimui Airp... 2 crashed
08-Jul-95 BN-2B-27 Islander TR-LBJ Air Inter Gabon Medouneu Air... 0 crashed
25-Jan-95 BN-2A-27 Islander C-GSGK Northway Aviation Paungassi, MN 0 crashed
02-Dec-94 BN-2B-20 Islander N16VM Trans Island Air, op.for Southern Cross Aviation near Majuro, Mars... 0 crashed
22-Nov-94 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-SWC Southwest Air near Tabubil 7 crashed
19-Sep-94 BN-2A-26 Islander P2-ALF Airlink Rabaul-Lakun... 0 destroyed
17-Jul-94 BN-2B-26 Islander 8P-TAD Trans Island Air, op.for Air Martinique near Fort de Fran... 6 crashed
23-May-94 BN-2B-27 Islander HK-2890 Aerolineas Llaneras - Arall near Loma Linda 4 crashed
08-May-94 BN-2A-8 Islander CS-DAF Aerocondor near Bragança 0 crashed
25-Apr-94 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-ZAA Dirgantara Air Services near Nangapinoh 10 crashed
21-Mar-94 BN-2A-21 Islander VH-JUU Aurukun Air Services Weipa Airpor... 6 crashed
16-Mar-94 BN-2A-21 Islander D2-ECE Mavewa near Cabinda 0 crashed
06-Jan-94 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-VIV Dirgantara Air Services Kuala Kapuas 0 crashed
02-Jan-94 BN-2A-9 Islander YV-2349P JSCTD near Elorza Airpo... 2 crashed
23-Dec-93 BN-2A-26 Islander P2-ISR Rimbunan Hijau Mount Hagen 0 crashed
10-Dec-93 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ALL Airlink Namatanai 0 crashed
03-Dec-93 BN-2A-20 Islander C-GMOP Arctic Wings and Rotors near Tuktoyaktuk, NT 7 crashed
13-Oct-93 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-HBE Heli Niugini Jimi Valley 4 crashed
23-Jun-93 BN-2T Turbine Islander 9Q-CLW Shabair Mitwaba 0 crashed
17-Jun-93 PADC/BN-2T Islander RP-C766 National Power Corp. Manila 0 damaged
09-Jun-93 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-SWA Southwest Air Gulgubip Air... 9 crashed
03-Jun-93 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISC North Coast Aviation Kiriwina Island   crashed
11-May-93 BN-2A-6 Islander DQ-FEO Fiji Air Suva-Nausori... 2 crashed
06-Apr-93 BN-2A-26 Islander ZK-FVD Great Barrier Airlines Great Barrie... 0 damaged
23-Jan-93 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISF Island Airways Bambu Airpor... 0 crashed
15-Dec-92 BN-2A-26 Islander P2-MBE Milne Bay Air Alotau 6 crashed
15-Dec-92 BN-2 Islander HKG-7 RHKAAF Tolo Harbour 0 crashed
09-Dec-92 BN-2B-27 Islander XA-RML Aero Sudpacifico near Apatzingan A... 9 crashed
11-Nov-92 BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNS Aviatia Utilitara Tulcea Airpo...   unknown
10-Apr-92 BN-2A-26 Islander B-11116 Taiwan Airlines near Orchid Islan... 7 crashed
11-Jan-92 BN-2A-26 Islander P2-DWA Heli Niugini Komo Airport...   damaged
03-Sep-91 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-VIP Dirgantara Air Services near Sampit Airpo... 3 crashed
20-Aug-91 BN-2A-26 Islander N68HA Temsco Helicopters near Ketchikan, AK 4 crashed
06-Aug-91 BN-2A-27 Islander DQ-FCN Fiji Air, op.for Avaiki Air near Rarotonga Ai... 6 crashed
25-Jul-91 BN-2A-6 Islander YJ-RV4 Vanair near Olpoi 9 crashed
04-Nov-90 BN-2B-21 Islander OB-T-1207 Aero Bellavista La Escalera 0 crashed
12-Jul-90 BN-2A-8 Islander J6-SLW Eagle Air Services near Union Island 2 crashed
05-Jul-90 BN-2B-21 Islander P2-DNJ Douglas Airways near Port Moresby 8 crashed
09-Mar-90 BN-2A-2 Islander 5X-BEE Bel Air Kaabong   crashed
26-Jan-90 BN-2A-27 Islander C-GSAF Western Arctic Air near Inuvik, NT   unknown
24-Jan-90 BN-2A-6 Islander VH-BAY Bougair Wakunai Airp... 0 destroyed
09-Jan-90 PADC/BN-2A-21 Islander VH-SBD Sunbird Airlines Yorke Island... 0 crashed
21-Dec-89 BN-2A-9 Islander F-OGSM Aviation Sans Frontières near Aweil 4 destroyed
28-Nov-89 BN-2 Islander N127JL New England Airlines near Block Island... 8 crashed
25-Nov-89 BN-2A-26 Islander V3-HCT Maya Airways     unknown
09-Nov-89 BN-2A-26 Islander 9L-LAV Weasua Air Transport near Monrovia 2 crashed
20-Oct-89 BN-2A-3 Islander TC-KUN Tapu Kadastro Genel Müdürlügü Hatay 5 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A Islander N44DW Flamenco Airways Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A-26 Islander N112JC Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A Islander N290VL Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A-8 Islander N38MN Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A Islander N457SA Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A-8 Islander N39MN Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A-27 Islander N8491B Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A-6 Islander N197BN Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A Islander N588JA Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
18-Sep-89 BN-2A Islander N861JA Vieques Air Link Vieques Airp... 0 destroyed
08-Aug-89 BN-2A-26 Islander ZK-EVK Aspiring Air Upper Dart V... 10 crashed
18-Jul-89 BN-2A Islander P2-ISJ Talair     unknown
26-May-89 BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNJ Aviatia Utilitara Bubocu   unknown
15-May-89 BN-2 Islander OB-1272 Aero Condor near Puerto Maldo...   crashed
15-May-89 PADC/BN-2A-26 Islander VH-BSN Cockatoo Island Airways Derby Airpor...   unknown
21-Mar-89 BN-2B-26 Islander P2-BAB Bougair Bougainville   destroyed
19-Mar-89 BN-2A-21 Islander ZK-SFE Soundsair Tiraora Lodge 0 crashed
10-Mar-89 BN-2A Islander OB-T-1271 Aero Condor Lima 10 crashed
28-Oct-88 BN-2A-21 Islander F-OGHL Air Guadeloupe     unknown
13-Sep-88 BN-2A-26 Islander YJ-RV20 Dovair Emae Airport...   unknown
05-Sep-88 BN-2A-6 Islander N111VA Wrangell Air Service near Sitka, AK 1 crashed
02-Sep-88 BN-2A-26 Islander C-GJRL Newfoundland-Labrador Air Transport Hopedale, NF   crashed
20-Aug-88 BN-2A Islander 5W-FAF Polynesian Airlines Asau Airport... 0 crashed
19-Jan-88 BN-2A-26 Islander B-11125 Taiwan Airlines near Green Island... 10 crashed
08-Dec-87 BN-2A-2 Islander P2-MIB Talair near Kanabea 1 crashed
04-Dec-87 BN-2A-6 Islander C-GOMC Wilderness Airline near Mount Waddin... 4 crashed
31-Oct-87 BN-2A-26 Islander N25MR Onyx Aviation Desert Cente... 2 crashed
18-Sep-87 BN-2A-6 Islander C-GTPB Borealis Exploration Caribou Horn...   crashed
21-Aug-87 BN-2B-27 Islander G-BLDX Air Furness Ainsdale San... 0 crashed
17-Jul-87 BN-2A-27 Islander EC-CKL Aerovisión Sabadell Air... 0 damaged
24-Jun-87 BN-2A-26 Islander VP-FBG FIGAS Brookfield Farm 0 crashed
20-Jun-87 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-KAD Kiunga Aviation near Lae 2 crashed
05-Jun-87 BN-2A Islander YV-230C Rutaca near Bolivar State 10 crashed
24-Feb-87 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-VIR Dirgantara Air Services near Kalimantan   unknown
12-Jan-87 BN-2A-20 Islander C-GIRH Trillium Air near Toronto Isla... 1 crashed
17-Dec-86 BN-2A-27 Islander C-FCMY Nahanni Air Services near Norman Wells... 0 crashed
31-Jul-86 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C850 Atlas Mount Canlandog 4 crashed
14-Jun-86 PADC/BN-2A-26 Islander G-BMDT Air Furness Barrow-In-Fu... 0 crashed
23-Mar-86 BN-2A-21 Islander C-GYTC Phaega Corporation Mount Lloyd ... 1 crashed
13-Jan-86 BN-2A-6 Islander C-GTPB Borealis Exploration Caribou Horn... 0 damaged
13-Dec-85 BN-2A-26 Islander TN-AEQ Aéro-Service Accra   crashed
13-Dec-85 BN-2A-3 Islander HP-680 Aviones de Panama Yaviza Mount... 7 crashed
30-Aug-85 BN-2A Islander P2-DNW Douglas Airways near Kokoda Airpo... 3 crashed
25-Aug-85 BN-2 Islander P2-DNI Douglas Airways     unknown
30-Jul-85 BN-2A Islander Z-WHX United Air Charters Luabo 1 damaged
23-May-85 BN-2A-8 Islander C-GPCF Chilcotin Cariboo Aviation Ten Mile Cre...   crashed
15-May-85 BN-2 Islander C9-AMV TTA Chongoene 5 crashed
12-May-85 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-KNE Bali Int. Air Service Maluku   crashed
03-May-85 BN-2A Islander N865JA Trans Island Airways     unknown
21-Mar-85 BN-2A-3 Islander PK-OAN Airfast Indonesia Irian Jaya   crashed
16-Feb-85 BN-2A-3 Islander PK-VIO Dirgantara Air Services Banjarmasin 8 crashed
28-Jan-85 BN-2A Islander HP-659 Aviones de Panama near Taboga Island 0 crashed
09-Dec-84 BN-2A-9 Islander F-ODSF Aviation Sans Frontières Ati Airport ... 0 destroyed
25-Nov-84 BN-2A-21 Islander VH-ISI Snowy Mountains Hydro near Wilton Airfi... 0 crashed
03-Nov-84 BN-2T Islander C9-TAI TTA Tete 0 crashed
06-Sep-84 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISG Talair Mount Musaka 9 crashed
30-Aug-84 BN-2A-26 Islander S7-AAE Air Seychelles     unknown
10-Aug-84 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-ZAL Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter Aceh   unknown
02-Aug-84 BN-2A Islander N589SA Vieques Air Link near Vieques Airp... 9 crashed
27-Jul-84 BN-2B-27 Islander HK-2822X TAVINA Providencia ... 0 damaged
23-Jun-84 BN-2A-8 Islander F-BVTD Delmotte Aviation Ajaccio 0 crashed
01-Jun-84 BN-2A-26 Islander G-BDVW Loganair Sanday Airpo... 0 crashed
14-Jan-84 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISH Talair near Karimui 10 crashed
09-Oct-83 BN-2A-8 Islander B-12202 Yung Shing Airlines Orchid Islan... 0 crashed
28-Sep-83 BN-2A-26 Islander B-11109 Taiwan Airlines near Lanyu Island 10 crashed
02-Sep-83 BN-2A-21 Islander C-GIPF Central Mountain Air Services near Smithers, BC 7 crashed
05-Aug-83 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-KNF Bali Int. Air Service near Bula 2 crashed
21-Jul-83 BN-2A-9R Islander N2718W Eagle Airlines Brownwood Ai... 0 destroyed
12-Jul-83 BN-2A Islander P2-FHP Cloudlands Aviation Dev. near Mount Hagen   crashed
18-May-83 BN-2 Islander D-IOLT FLN Schleswig Ai...   unknown
29-Apr-83 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-OBE Airfast Indonesia Landikma 0 crashed
26-Apr-83 BN-2A-9 Islander HK-2687X Aviones Ejecutivos near Barranca de ... 0 crashed
07-Apr-83 BN-2A-8 Islander N37MN Munz Northern Airlines Selawik, AK 2 crashed
06-Apr-83 BN-2A-26 Islander HP-945 Aviones de Panama     unknown
17-Mar-83 BN-2A-3 Islander EP-PAC Pars Air     crashed
17-Feb-83 BN-2A-21 Islander LN-MAF Norving Båtsfjord Ai...   unknown
01-Dec-82 BN-2 Islander   Flight Centre Victoria Abbotsford A... 0 hijacked
06-Nov-82 BN-2A Islander CS-AJO Penina Serra do Mon... 0 crashed
03-Nov-82 BN-2A-21 Islander EP-PBE Pars Air   1 crashed
20-Aug-82 BN-2A Islander VP-LAE Inter Island Air Services La Soufriere... 6 crashed
06-Jul-82 BN-2A-8 Islander 9M-MDD MAS Long Semado-...   crashed
01-May-82 BN-2A-27 Islander VP-FAY FIGAS Port Stanley... 0 destroyed
10-Mar-82 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-HAC Heron Air Charter     unknown
03-Mar-82 BN-2A-27R Islander HC-BFJ ATESA     unknown
20-Feb-82 BN-2A-9 Islander G-BBRP Army Parachute Association Netheravon, ... 0 crashed
18-Sep-81 BN-2A-27 Islander G-BDNP JEA St. Andrew, ... 0 crashed
25-Aug-81 BN-2A-21 Islander 7P-LAE Lesotho Airways Sekakes Airp... 0 crashed
20-Jul-81 BN-2A-6 Islander N116DW Dorado Wings San Juan-Isl... 0 crashed
15-Jun-81 BN-2A-20 Islander P2-ISA Talair Rabaul-Lakun... 0 damaged
13-Jun-81 BN-2A-8 Islander B-11108 Taiwan Airlines near Hualien Airp... 2 crashed
02-Jun-81 BN-2A-7 Islander N28377 Pinders near Nassau, Bahamas 0 crashed
27-Oct-80 BN-2A Islander ZK-IAS Stewart Island Air Services Stewart Isla... 0 crashed
11-Oct-80 BN-2A-26 Islander N851JA Trans Island Airways near Ocean Cay Ai... 1 crashed
22-Sep-80 BN-2A-27 Islander TF-RTO Flugfelag Austurlands Mount Smjörf... 3 crashed
11-Aug-80 BN-2A-6 Islander PT-KAC Prospec near Rio de Janei... 3 crashed
07-Jul-80 BN-2A-26 Islander EI-BBR Aer Arann Galway-Carnm... 0 crashed
27-Jun-80 BN-2A-6 Islander I-BADE Transavio near Isola d'Elba 0 crashed
13-May-80 BN-2A-6 Islander PT-KHK VOTEC near São Paulo-Vi... 7 crashed
13-May-80 BN-2A-3 Islander PK-OAB Airfast Indonesia     unknown
30-Mar-80 BN-2A-9 Islander PT-JSC VOTEC Cuiabá-Marec... 9 crashed
24-Feb-80 BN-2A-20 Islander PK-VIT Dirgantara Air Services Banjarmasin   crashed
02-Jan-80 BN-2A-21 Islander HH-CNC Haiti Air Inter Grande-Riviè... 9 crashed
06-Nov-79 BN-2A-9 Islander YV-269C Transmandu     unknown
20-Oct-79 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-VIQ Dirgantara Air Services     crashed
05-Oct-79 BN-2A Islander P2-ATU Douglas Airways     unknown
18-Sep-79 BN-2A-7 Islander C-FZVV Pacific Coastal Blink Horn P... 4 crashed
09-Sep-79 BN-2A-8 Islander B-11107 Taiwan Airlines Orchid Islan... 0 crashed
30-Aug-79 BN-2A-8 Islander F-OGGL Air Martinique Fort de Fran... 0 destroyed
07-Aug-79 BN-2A Islander G-AXWG Harvest Air   0 crashed
20-Jul-79 BN-2A Islander N856JA Sun Air     unknown
12-Jul-79 BN-2A-9 Islander DQ-FBO Fiji Air near Bua 9 crashed
14-Jun-79 BN-2A-6 Islander PT-IJE VOTEC near Aldeia Indíg... 4 unknown
26-Apr-79 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-KNG Bali Int. Air Service Beoganon   crashed
15-Apr-79 BN-2A-8 Islander C9-APQ COMAG Songo Airport 0 destroyed
12-Jan-79 BN-2A-8 Islander D-IEDA FLN Juist Airpor...   unknown
26-Dec-78 BN-2A-21 Islander HH-CNB Haiti Air Inter near Turks & Caicos 10 crashed
14-Dec-78 BN-2A-6 Islander G-BESK Britten-Norman Bembridge Ai...   crashed
14-Dec-78 BN-2A-6 Islander G-BFNL Britten-Norman Bembridge Ai...   crashed
14-Dec-78 BN-2A-6 Islander G-BESE Britten-Norman Bembridge Ai...   crashed
22-Oct-78 BN-2A Islander H4-AAC Solomon Islands Airlines near Bellona Island 11 crashed
17-Oct-78 BN-2A-27R Islander HC-BFI ATESA     unknown
10-Aug-78 BN-2A-21 Islander PT-KRP Encal Servicio Aéreo near São Paulo, SP 2 crashed
10-Apr-78 BN-2A-21 Islander N97JA DEC San Jose, CA 0 crashed
31-Mar-78 BN-2A Islander VH-EQK Unionair     unknown
20-Jan-78 BN-2A Islander N869JA Bush Air near Toksook Bay, AK 1 crashed
19-Dec-77 BN-2A-6 Islander N862JA Vieques Air Link near Vieques 5 crashed
26-Nov-77 BN-2A Islander TR-LNG Bureau de Prospection Forestière     unknown
21-Nov-77 BN-2A-8 Islander N36MN Munz Northern Airlines near Alaska 2 crashed
07-Nov-77 BN-2A-9 Islander 8R-GEH M.C. Correia Holdings Ogle Airport... 0 crashed
24-Sep-77 BN-2A-21 Islander PK-ZAD Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter near Lhokseumawe 4 crashed
23-Aug-77 BN-2A-9 Islander TR-LSF Air Inter Gabon     unknown
21-Jul-77 BN-2A-6 Islander N22JA Harolds Air Service Ruby Airport... 1 crashed
27-Jun-77 BN-2A-27 Islander YR-BNI Aviatia Utilitara Nucet 5 crashed
12-May-77 BN-2A-21 Islander PT-KUO Geofoto near Curitiba, PR 1 crashed
22-Feb-77 BN-2A-8 Islander VP-HCD Maya Airways Hill Bank 0 crashed
30-Dec-76 BN-2A-3 Islander PK-KNC Bali Int. Air Service Mara   unknown
04-Sep-76 BN-2A-3 Islander VQ-SAC Air Mahé Praslin Island 0 crashed
28-Jul-76 BN-2A Islander CS-AJQ TAP Regional Covilhã Airp... 0 crashed
05-May-76 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C2140 Philippine Aerotransport Camuigan 4 damaged
08-Jan-76 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C2135 Philippine Aerotransport Mactan Island 7 crashed
06-Jan-76 BN-2A-3 Islander 5Y-AUA Caspair Kimba Ngoron...   damaged
21-Dec-75 BN-2A-21 Islander RP-C2136 Philippine Aerotransport Tacloban (TAC) 9 crashed
03-Dec-75 BN-2A-8 Islander VH-ISG Pacific Resorts Du Motu   crashed
17-Oct-75 BN-2A-26 Islander EI-BBA Aer Arann Inishmore Ai... 0 crashed
07-Oct-75 BN-2A-3 Islander PK-OAV Dirgantara Air Services Sawu Island   crashed
15-Sep-75 BN-2A-6 Islander N122DW Dorado Wings San Juan-Isl... 0 crashed
14-Aug-75 BN-2A Islander P2-ATX Aerial Tours Naoro Airpor...   crashed
08-Aug-75 BN-2A Islander HP-677 Servicios Aéreos SA Porvenir Island 0 destroyed
07-Aug-75 BN-2A-7 Islander 9Q-CYB AMAZ Kasangulu   crashed
09-Jul-75 BN-2A-6 Islander TU-TFW Interivoire     unknown
27-Jun-75 BN-2 Islander D-IJAN Kurfiss Aviation Emden Airpor...   crashed
24-Apr-75 BN-2A Islander N591JA Munz Northern Airlines Tin City Air... 0 crashed
18-Apr-75 BN-2A-7 Islander CF-ZWF Mackenzie Air, op.for Air Exec Services Fort Simpson...   crashed
02-Feb-75 BN-2A-9 Islander 5U-AAN Transniger near Agadès Airpo...   crashed
26-Dec-74 BN-2A Islander N66HA Harbor Airlines near Seattle/Taco... 4 crashed
07-Nov-74 BN-2A Islander OY-DVJ GAC near Sønderborg 3 damaged
02-Oct-74 BN-2A Islander N864JA North Cay Airways near Saint Thomas 2 crashed
24-Aug-74 BN-2A-3 Islander ZS-IZZ Emric Air Richards Bay 0 crashed
29-Oct-73 BN-2A-6 Islander N37JA Sun Island Air Services Mount Gimie 4 crashed
04-Oct-73 BN-2A-7 Islander PT-DVN Taxi Aéreo Cesar Aguiar Itaituba, PA 8 crashed
15-Aug-73 BN-2A-6 Islander N38JA Turks & Caicos Airways Dondon 10 crashed
15-Nov-72 BN-2A-9 Islander F-BTGH Rousseau Aviation Dinard-Pleur... 0 crashed
23-Oct-72 BN-2A-6 Islander F-OCRH Air Melanesie near Lenakel Airf... 1 crashed
11-Aug-72 BN-2A-6 Islander EP-PAE Pars Air Bandar-e-Ganave   crashed
15-Jun-72 BN-2A-3 Islander CR-AMX Transportes Aéreos de Tete Baué 0 crashed
26-Jan-72 BN-2 Islander A2-ZEV Air Botswana Maun Airport... 0 crashed
26-Jan-72 BN-2A Islander 7Q-YKD Air Malawi Usisya 0 damaged
22-Dec-71 BN-2A-6 Islander N42JA North Cay Airways Dajabon 0 hijacked
21-Dec-71 BN-2 Islander N589JA Vieques Air Link near Culebra Airp... 0 crashed
07-Oct-71 BN-2A Islander N857JA International Sky Cab Airlines near South Caicos 0 crashed
09-Sep-70 BN-2A Islander N855JA San Juan Air Orocovis 1 crashed
30-Aug-70 BN-2A Islander PH-NVA Dutch Continental Airways Haringvreter 3 crashed
20-Jul-70 BN-2A Islander 9Q-CTS Tramaco Services Busira River   crashed
07-Apr-70 BN-2A Islander G-AXRJ Britten-Norman Rawalpindi 0 crashed
05-Dec-69 BN-2A Islander 9M-APE MSA Bario Airpor... 0 crashed
20-Nov-69 BN-2 Islander VH-ATK Aerial Tours Bolovip Airp...   crashed
11-Oct-69 BN-2A Islander N852JA San Juan Air near San Juan [Ca... 2 crashed
13-Jan-69 BN-2 Islander N584JA Sud Aviacion     unknown
03-Jan-69 BN-2A Islander N587JA General Airlines near Narsarsuaq 0 crashed
07-Oct-68 BN-2 Islander TI-1063C Aerovias del Valle near Paso Canoas ... 10 crashed
09-Nov-66 BN-2A Islander G-ATCT Britten-Norman near Oudega 2 crashed