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Boeing 747-200

The Boeing 747-200 is a four-engined long-range widebody airliner with a capacity of maximum 480 passengers in a partial double deck configuration produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The 747-200F is the commercial cargo freighter variant of the 747-200.

The Boeing 747-200 is a development of the Boeing 747-100 with higher weights, more range and more powerful engines. The engine options are: Pratt and Whitney JT9D-3A/-7/-7A/-7F/-7J/-70A/-7Q/-7Q3/-7R4G2 or General Electric CF6-50E/-50E1/-50E2/-80C2B1 or Rolls-Royce RB211-524.


Specifications for the Boeing 747-200
Crew 3  
Passengers 366 / 452, max. 480  
Propulsion 4 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7J  
Engine Power (each) 216,4 kN 48650 lbf
alternative Engine Variant    
Engine Model General Electric CF6-50E2  
Engine Power (each) 230,4 kN 51800 lbf
alternative Engine Variant    
Engine Model Rolls-Royce RB.211-524D4-19  
Engine Power (each) 231,3 kN 52000 lbf
Speed 969 km/h 523 kts
      602 mph
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.92  
Service Ceiling 13.747 m 45.100 ft
Range 12.699 km 6.857 NM
    7.891 mi.
Empty Weight 172.570 kg 380.510 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 356.000 kg 785.000 lbs
max. Landing Weight 255.800 kg 564.000 lbs
Wing Span 59,64 m 195 ft 8 in
Wing Area 511,0 m² 5500 ft²
Length 70,51 m 231 ft 4 in
Height 19,33 m 63 ft 5 in
First Flight 11.10.1970  
Production Status out of production  
Production Range 1970-1991  
Total Production 393  
Developed from Boeing 747-100  
ICAO Code B742  
IATA Code 742 74C 74X  
Data for (Version) Boeing 747-200B  
Variants 747-200B, 747-200C, 747-200F  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
04-Dec-13 Boeing 747-281BSF EK74798 Veteran Airline, op.for Saudi Arabian Abuja Intern... 0 crashed
27-Oct-08 Boeing 747-228F (SCD) OO-CBA Cargo B Airlines Brussel-Zave... 0 crashed
07-Jul-08 Boeing 747-209BSF N714CK Kalitta Air, op.for Centurion Air Cargo near Bogotá-Eldor... 0+ 2 crashed
25-May-08 Boeing 747-209F N704CK Kalitta Air Brussel-Zave... 0 crashed
02-Feb-08 Boeing 747-2D7B N527MC Atlas Air Lome Airport... 0 crashed
07-Jun-06 Boeing 747-2U3BSF N922FT Tradewinds Rionegro/Med... 0 crashed
19-Aug-05 Boeing 747-251B N627US Northwest Airlines Guam-A.B. Wo... 0 crashed
24-Jan-05 Boeing 747-212BSF N808MC Atlas Air Düsseldorf A... 0 crashed
07-Nov-04 Boeing 747-230F (SCD) TF-ARR Air Atlanta Icelandic, op.for Lufthansa Cargo Sharjah Airp... 0 crashed
14-Oct-04 Boeing 747-244BSF 9G-MKJ MK Airlines Halifax Inte... 7 crashed
29-Nov-03 Boeing 747-258C ZS-OOS Hydro Air Cargo Lagos-Murtal... 0 crashed
22-Oct-03 Boeing 747-281F (SCD) JA8191 Nippon Cargo Airlines Tokyo-Narita... 0 damaged
01-Oct-03 Boeing 747-271C (SCD) 4X-ICM Cargo Air Lines Liège-Bierse... 0 damaged
16-Oct-02 Boeing 747-267B TF-ATD Air Atlanta Icelandic Teesside Int... 0 damaged
25-May-02 Boeing 747-209B B-18255 China Airlines near Penghu islan... 225 crashed
27-Nov-01 Boeing 747-246F 9G-MKI MK Airlines near Port Harcourt 1 crashed
05-Nov-00 Boeing 747-2H7B (SCD) TJ-CAB Cameroon Airlines Paris-Charle... 0 crashed
02-Apr-00 Boeing 747-2F6B N534MC Atlas Air Guayaquil 0 damaged
09-Jan-00 Boeing 747-230F HL7441 Korean Air near Penang Inter... 0 damaged
22-Dec-99 Boeing 747-2B5F (SCD) HL7451 Korean Air near Great Hallin... 4 crashed
29-Jul-99 Boeing 747-269B N707CK Kitty Hawk International near Anchorage In... 0 damaged
05-Mar-99 Boeing 747-2B3F (SCD) F-GPAN Air France Chennai Airp... 0 crashed
20-Mar-97 Boeing 747-2U3B PK-GSA Garuda Taipei-Chian... 0 damaged
09-Nov-95 Boeing 747-200   Olympic Airways Athens-Ellin... 0 hijacked
28-Jan-95 Boeing 747-238B N706CK Kalitta American International Airways Detroit-Will... 0 damaged
11-Dec-94 Boeing 747-283B EI-BWF Philippine Air Lines near Minami-Daito... 1 damaged
01-Mar-94 Boeing 747-251B N637US Northwest Airlines Tokyo-Narita... 0 damaged
01-Nov-92 Boeing 747-228F LX-DCV Cargolux Luxembourg-F... 0 damaged
04-Oct-92 Boeing 747-258F 4X-AXG El Al Amsterdam 4+ 39 crashed
29-Dec-91 Boeing 747-2R7F B-198 China Airlines near Wanli 5 crashed
02-Oct-91 Boeing 747-246B JA8161 JAL near Tokyo 0 damaged
07-May-90 Boeing 747-237B VT-EBO Air-India Delhi-Indira... 0 crashed
19-Feb-89 Boeing 747-249F N807FT Flying Tiger Line near Kuala Lumpur... 4 crashed
24-Jul-88 Boeing 747-228B (SCD) N4506H Air France Delhi-Indira... 0 damaged
05-Apr-88 Boeing 747-269B 9K-ADB Kuwait Airways Algiers-Houa... 2 hijacked
28-Nov-87 Boeing 747-244B ZS-SAS South African Airways near Mauritius [I... 159 crashed
19-May-87 Boeing 747-219B   Air New Zealand Nadi Interna... 0 hijacked
03-May-86 Boeing 747-2R7F B-198 China Airlines Guangzhou-Ba... 0 hijacked
04-Feb-86 Boeing 747-282B AP-AYW PIA Islamabad In... 0 damaged
02-Dec-85 Boeing 747-228B F-GCBC Air France Rio de Janei... 0 crashed
23-Jun-85 Boeing 747-237B VT-EFO Air-India near Cork, Ireland 329 destroyed
02-Jun-84 Boeing 747-237B VT-EDU Air-India Bangkok-Don ... 0 damaged
19-Dec-83 Boeing 747-246F (SCD) JA8151 JAL Anchorage In... 0 damaged
27-Nov-83 Boeing 747-283B HK-2910 Avianca near Madrid-Baraj... 181 crashed
18-Oct-83 Boeing 747-230F D-ABYU Lufthansa Hong Kong-Ka... 0 damaged
11-Oct-83 Boeing 747-249F N806FT Flying Tiger Line Frankfurt In... 0 damaged
01-Sep-83 Boeing 747-230B HL7442 KAL near Sakhalinsk [... 269 destroyed
28-Jan-83 Boeing 747-237B VT-EFO Air-India Delhi-Palam ... 0 damaged
30-Jun-82 Boeing 747-243B   Alitalia Bangkok-Don ... 0 hijacked
24-Jun-82 Boeing 747-236B G-BDXH British Airways near Jakarta 0 damaged
19-Nov-80 Boeing 747-2B5B HL7445 KAL Seoul-Gimpo ... 14 crashed
29-Aug-78 Boeing 747-237B VT-EBO Air-India Delhi-Palam ... 0 damaged
02-Mar-78 Boeing 747-282B   PIA Islamabad 0 hijacked
01-Jan-78 Boeing 747-237B VT-EBD Air-India near Bombay-Santa... 213 crashed
27-Mar-77 Boeing 747-206B PH-BUF KLM Tenerife-Nor... 248 crashed
16-Dec-75 Boeing 747-246B JA8122 JAL Anchorage In... 0 damaged
25-Dec-74 Boeing 747-237B   Air-India Roma-Fiumici... 0 hijacked
25-Nov-73 Boeing 747-206B PH-BUA KLM Dubai Airpor... 0 hijacked
23-Jul-73 Boeing 747-246B JA8109 JAL Benghazi-Ben... 0 hijacked
22-Feb-72 Boeing 747-230B D-ABYD Lufthansa Aden 0 hijacked