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Boeing 737-300

The Boeing 737-300 is a twin-engined short-to-medium-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 149 passengers produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The Boeing 737-300 is together with the 737-400 and 737-500 member of the Classic-737-Family.


Specifications for the Boeing 737-300
Crew 2  
Passengers 128 / 134, max. 149  
Propulsion 2 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model CFM Intl. CFM56-3B2  
Engine Power (each) 97,9 kN 22000 lbf
Speed 933 km/h 504 kts
      580 mph
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.82  
Service Ceiling 11.278 m 37.000 ft
Range 5.463 km 2.950 NM
    3.395 mi.
Empty Weight 32.900 kg 72.532 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 63.277 kg 139.500 lbs
max. Landing Weight 52.527 kg 115.800 lbs
Wing Span 28,88 m 94 ft 9 in
Wing Area 105,4 m² 1135 ft²
Length 33,40 m 109 ft 7 in
Height 11,07 m 36 ft 4 in
First Flight 24.04.1984  
Production Status out of production  
Production Range 1984-1999  
Total Production 1113  
ICAO Code B733  
IATA Code 733 73C 73Y  
Data for (Version) Boeing 737-300  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
31-May-17 Boeing 737-33A PK-CJC Sriwijaya Air Manokwari-Re... 0 damaged
28-Mar-17 Boeing 737-3M8 OB-2036-P Peruvian Airlines Jauja-Franci... 0 crashed
13-Sep-16 Boeing 737-347 (SF) PK-YSY Trigana Air Service Wamena Airpo... 0 crashed
04-Aug-16 Boeing 737-3H4 (WL) N368SW Southwest Airlines Baltimore/Wa... 0 damaged
26-Nov-15 Boeing 737-322 XA-UNM Magnicharters Mexico City-... 0 crashed
22-Nov-15 Boeing 737-3Y0 EX-37005 Avia Traffic Company Osh Airport ... 0 crashed
23-Oct-15 Boeing 737-3K2 OB-2040-P Peruvian Airlines Cuzco-Velazc... 0 damaged
28-Aug-15 Boeing 737-3Q8BDSF PK-BBY Cardig Air Wamena Airpo... 0 crashed
16-Jun-15 Boeing 737-322 (WL) LY-FLB SCAT Aktau Airpor... 0 destroyed
02-May-15 Boeing 737-330 D-ABEK Lufthansa Katowice-Pyr... 0 damaged
08-Jun-14 Boeing 737-33A AP-BLF Air Indus Karachi-Jinn... 0 destroyed
26-Jan-14 Boeing 737-3B7SF ZK-TLC Airwork NZ, op.for Pacific Air Express Honiara-Hend... 0 crashed
11-Feb-13 Boeing 737-33A AP-BEH PIA Muscat-Seeb ... 0 crashed
14-Apr-12 Boeing 737-33A (QC) G-ZAPZ Titan Airways Chambéry Air... 0 damaged
20-Dec-11 Boeing 737-36M PK-CKM Sriwijaya Air Yogyakarta-A... 0 crashed
01-Apr-11 Boeing 737-3H4 (WL) N632SW Southwest Airlines Yuma Interna... 0 damaged
13-Apr-10 Boeing 737-322 PK-MDE Merpati Nusantara Manokwari-Re... 0 crashed
21-Dec-09 Boeing 737-301 PK-MDH Merpati Nusantara Makassar-Sul... 0 crashed
13-Jul-09 Boeing 737-3H4 N387SW Southwest Airlines near Charleston, WV 0 damaged
01-Oct-08 Boeing 737-3Y0 EI-DON KD Avia Kaliningrad-... 0 crashed
30-Dec-07 Boeing 737-38J YR-BGC Tarom Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
21-Feb-07 Boeing 737-33A PK-KKV AdamAir Surabaya-Jua... 0 crashed
15-Jun-06 Boeing 737-301F OO-TND TNT Airways East Midland... 0 crashed
14-Aug-05 Boeing 737-31S 5B-DBY Helios Airways near Grammatikos 121 crashed
03-Jan-04 Boeing 737-3Q8 SU-ZCF Flash Airlines near Sharm el Sheikh 148 crashed
19-Dec-03 Boeing 737-3Y0 TR-LFZ Air Gabon Libreville A... 0 crashed
15-Aug-03 Boeing 737-33V HB-III easyJet Switzerland near Oyonnax 0 damaged
24-May-03 Boeing 737-3H4 N343SW Southwest Airlines Amarillo Int... 0 damaged
16-Jan-02 Boeing 737-3Q8 PK-GWA Garuda near Yokyakarta 1 crashed
25-Aug-01 Boeing 737-3G7 N306AW America West Baltimore/Wa... 0 damaged
05-Mar-00 Boeing 737-3T5 N668SW Southwest Airlines Burbank/Glen... 0 crashed
27-Dec-99 Boeing 737-377 VH-CZM Ansett Australia Melbourne-Tu... 0 damaged
12-Sep-99 Boeing 737-3T0 N17356 Continental Air Lines West Palm Be... 0 damaged
09-Jun-99 Boeing 737-3Y0 B-2525 China Southern Zhanjiang Ai... 0 crashed
12-Mar-99 Boeing 737-377 VH-CZL Ansett Australia Melbourne-Tu... 0 damaged
17-Jun-98 Boeing 737-322 N364UA United Airlines Denver Inter... 0 damaged
20-Dec-97 Boeing 737-3K9 EC-ELY Viva Air Genève-Coint... 0 damaged
19-Dec-97 Boeing 737-36N 9V-TRF Silkair near Palembang 104 destroyed
08-May-97 Boeing 737-31B B-2925 China Southern Shenzhen Air... 35 crashed
08-Feb-97 Boeing 737-3L9 PH-TSW Transavia Airlines Nürnberg 0 damaged
02-Apr-96 Boeing 737-3Y0 EI-BZF Philippine Air Lines Manila Inter... 0 damaged
08-Sep-94 Boeing 737-3B7 N513AU USAir near Aliquippa, PA 132 crashed
20-Jul-94 Boeing 737-3W0 B-2540 China Yunnan Kunming Airp... 0 crashed
24-Nov-92 Boeing 737-3Y0 B-2523 China Southern near Guilin Airpo... 141 crashed
01-Feb-91 Boeing 737-3B7 N388US USAir Los Angeles ... 22 crashed
11-May-90 Boeing 737-3Y0 EI-BZG Philippine Air Lines Manila-Ninoy... 8 crashed
16-Jan-90 Boeing 737-300   America West Austin-Rober... 0 hijacked
29-Sep-88 Boeing 737-317 PP-SNT VASP Goiânia-Sant... 1 hijacked
23-Dec-87 Boeing 737-306 PH-BDE KLM Roma-Fiumici... 0 hijacked