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Boeing 737-200

The Boeing 737-200 is a twin-engined short-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 136 passengers produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The Boeing 737-200 is a developed of the 737-100 with a stretched fuselage. The 737-200 is together with the 737-100 member of the Original-737-Family.


Specifications for the Boeing 737-200
Crew 2  
Passengers 97 / 124, max. 136  
Propulsion 2 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model Pratt & Whitney JT8D-17  
Engine Power (each) 71,2 kN 16000 lbf
Speed 933 km/h 504 kts
      580 mph
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.82  
Service Ceiling 11.278 m 37.000 ft
Range 4.899 km 2.645 NM
    3.044 mi.
Empty Weight 27.120 kg 59.789 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 52.390 kg 115.500 lbs
max. Landing Weight 46.720 kg 103.000 lbs
Wing Span 28,35 m 93 ft 0 in
Wing Area 102,0 m² 1098 ft²
Length 30,53 m 100 ft 2 in
Height 11,23 m 36 ft 10 in
First Flight 08.08.1967  
Production Status out of production  
Production Range 1967-1988  
Total Production 1114  
Developed from 737-100  
ICAO Code B732  
IATA Code 732 73M 73X  
Data for (Version) Boeing 737-200  
Variants 737-200 advanced, 737-200C, 737-200QC  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
18-Jul-12 Boeing 737-230 CC-CRQ Sky Airline La Serena-La... 0 damaged
20-Apr-12 Boeing 737-236A AP-BKC Bhoja Airlines near Islamabad-Be... 127 crashed
20-Aug-11 Boeing 737-210C C-GNWN First Air near Resolute Air... 12 crashed
17-Mar-11 Boeing 737-2D6 5A-DKY Air Libya Benghazi-Ben... 0 destroyed
10-Jan-11 Boeing 737-2T5 ZS-SGX Safair Hoedspruit A... 0 damaged
01-Mar-10 Boeing 737-247 5H-MVZ Air Tanzania Mwanza Airpo... 0 crashed
29-Apr-09 Boeing 737-275 TL-ADM Bako Air Massamba, Ba... 7 crashed
27-Apr-09 Boeing 737-2K9 XA-MAF Magnicharters Guadalajara-... 0 crashed
16-Oct-08 Boeing 737-2H4 YV162T Rutaca Caracas-Simó... 0 crashed
30-Aug-08 Boeing 737-291 YV102T Conviasa near Toacaso 3 crashed
27-Aug-08 Boeing 737-2H6 PK-CJG Sriwijaya Air Jambi-Sultan... 0+ 1 crashed
26-Aug-08 Boeing 737-200 ST-... Sun Air Company Kufrah Airpo... 0 hijacked
24-Aug-08 Boeing 737-219 EX-009 Itek Air, opf Iran Aseman Airlines near Bishkek-Mana... 65 crashed
07-Nov-07 Boeing 737-230 ZS-OEZ Nationwide Airlines Cape Town In... 0 crashed
14-Sep-07 Boeing 737-2C3 XA-MAC Magnicharters Guadalajara-... 0 crashed
28-Jun-07 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBP TAAG M'Banza Cong... 5+ 1 crashed
24-Jan-07 Boeing 737-200 ST-SDA ? Air West N'Djamena Ai... 0 hijacked
13-Jan-07 Boeing 737-230C PK-RPX RPX Airlines, op.for Gading Sari Aviation Services Kuching Airp... 0 crashed
29-Oct-06 Boeing 737-2B7 5N-BFK ADC Airlines Abuja Intern... 96 crashed
03-Oct-06 Boeing 737-2T4 PK-RIE Mandala Airlines Tarakan-Juwa... 0 crashed
22-Oct-05 Boeing 737-2L9 5N-BFN Bellview Airlines Lisa Village... 117 crashed
05-Sep-05 Boeing 737-230 PK-RIM Mandala Airlines Medan-Poloni... 100+ 49 crashed
23-Aug-05 Boeing 737-244 OB-1809-P TANS near Pucallpa-Cap... 40 crashed
27-Jun-05 Boeing 737-2K5 C6-BFM Bahamasair Nassau Inter... 0 damaged
03-Feb-05 Boeing 737-242 Adv. EX-037 Phoenix Aviation, op.for Kam Air near Kabul 105 crashed
04-Jan-05 Boeing 737-2A9C PK-YGM Tri-MG Airlines Banda Aceh-B... 0 crashed
11-Aug-04 Boeing 737-205 3X-GCM Air Guinee Express Freetown-Lun... 0 crashed
04-Feb-04 Boeing 737-229C TJ-AIO Cameroon Airlines Cotonou Airp... 0 damaged
13-Dec-03 Boeing 737-2A9 OB-1544-P Aero Continente Lima-J Chave... 0 crashed
08-Jul-03 Boeing 737-2J8C ST-AFK Sudan Airways near Port Sudan 116 crashed
12-Mar-03 Boeing 737-2T4 B-2516 Xiamen Airlines Ningbo Airpo... 0 destroyed
06-Mar-03 Boeing 737-2T4 7T-VEZ Air Algérie Tamanrasset ... 102 crashed
26-Jan-03 Boeing 737-2M9 PP-SPJ VASP Rio Branco-P... 0 crashed
23-Jan-03 Boeing 737-2B7 PK-ALV Star Air Jakarta-Soek... 0 damaged
26-Dec-02 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBD TAAG near Windhoek 0 damaged
17-Feb-02 Boeing 737-236 LV-ZRE Aerolineas Argentinas San Juan, SJ 0 damaged
14-Jan-02 Boeing 737-291 PK-LID Lion Air Pekanbaru-Su... 0 crashed
16-Sep-01 Boeing 737-2C3 PP-CJN Varig Goiânia-Sant... 0 crashed
22-May-01 Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI First Air Yellowknife ... 0 crashed
04-Apr-01 Boeing 737-2E1F C-GDCC Royal Airlines St. John's A... 0 crashed
18-Aug-00 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMG VASP near Porecatu, PR 0 hijacked
17-Jul-00 Boeing 737-2A8 Advanced VT-EGD Alliance Air near Patna Airpor... 55+ 5 crashed
26-Jun-00 Boeing 737-2R4C 7O-ACQ Yemenia Airways Khartoum-Civ... 0 crashed
19-Apr-00 Boeing 737-2H4 RP-C3010 Air Philippines near Davao 131 crashed
31-Aug-99 Boeing 737-204C LV-WRZ LAPA Buenos Aires... 63+ 2 crashed
17-May-99 Boeing 737-2A6 CC-CYR LADECO Santiago-Art... 0 destroyed
04-Mar-99 Boeing 737-228 F-GBYA Air France Biarritz Par... 0 crashed
01-Jan-99 Boeing 737-298C 9Q-CNK Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises Kilimanjaro ... 0 crashed
01-Nov-98 Boeing 737-2P6 EI-CJW AirTran Airways Atlanta-Will... 0 crashed
19-Jul-98 Boeing 737-2J8C ST-AFL Sudan Airways Khartoum-Civ... 0 crashed
05-May-98 Boeing 737-282 FAP-351 Peruvian AF, op.for Occidental Petroleum near Andoas 75 crashed
12-Apr-98 Boeing 737-2H4 P4-NEN Orient Eagle Airways Almaty Airpo... 0 crashed
22-Feb-98 Boeing 737-2K3 YU-ANU Aviogenex, op.for Chanchangi Airlines Kaduna Airpo... 0 crashed
02-Feb-98 Boeing 737-291 N737RD IAL Aircraft Holding Miami Intern... 0 destroyed
06-Sep-97 Boeing 737-268 HZ-AGM Saudi Arabian Nejran Airpo... 0 crashed
03-Aug-97 Boeing 737-242C TU-TAV Air Afrique Douala Airpo... 0 crashed
09-Jun-97 Boeing 737-2Y5 9H-ABF Air Malta Köln/Bonn Ai... 0 hijacked
11-Apr-97 Boeing 737-230 PK-JHI Sempati Air Banjarmasin-... 0 damaged
01-Apr-97 Boeing 737-293 OB-1572 Americana de Aviación Pucallpa Air... 0 crashed
14-Feb-97 Boeing 737-2C3 PP-CJO Varig Carajás Airp... 1 crashed
28-Dec-96 Boeing 737-2A8F VT-EDS Blue Dart Aviation Bangalore-Hi... 0 damaged
02-Aug-96 Boeing 737-2D6C 7T-VED Air Algérie Tlemcen Air... 0 damaged
29-Feb-96 Boeing 737-222 OB-1451 Faucett near Arequipa-Rod... 123 crashed
03-Dec-95 Boeing 737-2K9 TJ-CBE Cameroon Airlines near Douala Airpo... 71 crashed
02-Dec-95 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-ECS Indian Airlines Delhi-Indira... 0 crashed
13-Nov-95 Boeing 737-2F9 5N-AUA Nigeria Airways Kaduna Airpo... 11 crashed
09-Aug-95 Boeing 737-2H6 N125GU Aviateca near San Salvador 65 crashed
17-Mar-95 Boeing 737-260 ET-AJB Ethiopian Airlines El Obeid Air... 0 hijacked
02-Feb-95 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMV VASP São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
16-Jan-95 Boeing 737-281 PK-JHF Sempati Air Yogyakarta-A... 0 crashed
02-Jan-95 Boeing 737-298C 9Q-CNI Air Zaire Kinshasa-N'D... 0 crashed
21-Dec-94 Boeing 737-2D6C 7T-VEE Air Algérie, op.for Phoenix Aviation near Coventry-Bag... 5 crashed
26-Nov-94 Boeing 737-2C0 N11244 Continental Air Lines Houston-Inte... 0 crashed
14-Sep-94 Boeing 737-2R4C   Alyemda San'a Intern... 0 hijacked
06-Apr-94 Boeing 737-2J8C   Sudan Airways Luxor Airpor... 0 hijacked
08-Mar-94 Boeing 737-2R4C VT-SIA Sahara Airlines Delhi-Indira... 4+ 5 crashed
09-Feb-94 Boeing 737-260 ET-AJB Ethiopian Airlines Djibouti Air... 0 hijacked
12-Dec-93 Boeing 737-200   Xiamen Airlines Taipei 0 hijacked
27-Aug-93 Boeing 737-2R4C   Alyemda Al Ghaydah A... 0 hijacked
18-Jul-93 Boeing 737-2H6 N401SH SAHSA Managua Airp... 0 crashed
24-Jun-93 Boeing 737-2T4 B-2501 Xiamen Airlines Taipei 0 hijacked
26-Apr-93 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-ECQ Indian Airlines near Aurangabad A... 55 crashed
24-Apr-93 Boeing 737-2A8   Indian Airlines Amritsar-Raj... 1 hijacked
10-Apr-93 Boeing 737-2A8   Indian Airlines Lucknow-Amau... 0 hijacked
20-Nov-92 Boeing 737-287C LV-JNE Aerolineas Argentinas San Luis Air... 0 crashed
22-Jun-92 Boeing 737-2A1C PP-SND VASP near Cruzeiro do ... 3 crashed
06-Jun-92 Boeing 737-204 Adv. HP-1205CMP COPA Panama near Tucutí 47 crashed
10-Jan-92 Boeing 737-2Y5 4R-ULL Air Lanka Madras Airpo... 0 damaged
25-Nov-91 Boeing 737-260 ET-AJB Ethiopian Airlines Djibouti Air... 0 hijacked
17-Nov-91 Boeing 737-2K6 EI-CBL SAHSA San José-Jua... 0 crashed
16-Aug-91 Boeing 737-2A8 Advanced VT-EFL Indian Airlines near Imphal Munic... 69 crashed
03-Mar-91 Boeing 737-291 N999UA United Airlines near Colorado Spr... 25 crashed
02-Oct-90 Boeing 737-247 B-2510 Xiamen Airlines Guangzhou-Ba... 82 destroyed
22-Jul-90 Boeing 737-222 N210US USAir Kinston-Stal... 0 crashed
02-Jun-90 Boeing 737-2X6C N670MA MarkAir near Unalakleet A... 0 crashed
30-Dec-89 Boeing 737-204 N198AW America West Tucson Inter... 0 crashed
26-Oct-89 Boeing 737-209 B-180 China Airlines near Hualien Airp... 54 crashed
02-Oct-89 Boeing 737-2F9 5N-ANX Nigeria Airways Lagos/Ikeja ... 0 crashed
03-Sep-89 Boeing 737-241 PP-VMK Varig near São José do ... 13 crashed
03-Apr-89 Boeing 737-248 OB-R-1314 Faucett Iquitos Airp... 0 crashed
09-Feb-89 Boeing 737-2B1 C9-BAD LAM Lichinga Air... 0 crashed
20-Jan-89 Boeing 737-201 N242US Piedmont Airlines Chicago-O'Ha... 0 damaged
19-Oct-88 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAH Indian Airlines near Ahmedabad Ai... 133 crashed
15-Oct-88 Boeing 737-2F9 5N-ANW Nigeria Airways Port Harcour... 0 crashed
26-Sep-88 Boeing 737-287 LV-LIU Aerolineas Argentinas Ushuaia Airp... 0 crashed
15-Sep-88 Boeing 737-260 ET-AJA Ethiopian Airlines near Bahar Dar Ai... 35 crashed
19-Jul-88 Boeing 737-2A8 Advanced VT-EFK Indian Airlines Vadodara Air... 0 damaged
19-Jun-88 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAI Indian Airlines Delhi-Indira... 0 crashed
12-May-88 Boeing 737-247 B-2510 Xiamen Airlines Taichung-Chi... 0 hijacked
28-Apr-88 Boeing 737-297 N73711 Aloha Airlines near Maui, HI 1 crashed
13-Feb-88 Boeing 737-2R8C   Air Tanzania Dar Es Salaa... 0 hijacked
17-Jan-88 Boeing 737-2T2 N4571M Delta Air Lines Vancouver In... 0 damaged
02-Jan-88 Boeing 737-230 D-ABHD Condor Flugdienst near Seferihisar 16 crashed
05-Dec-87 Boeing 737-2B7 N319AU USAir Deptford, NJ 0 damaged
01-Nov-87 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EDS Indian Airlines Bangalore-Hi... 0 damaged
31-Aug-87 Boeing 737-2P5 HS-TBC Thai Airways near Phuket Inter... 83 crashed
04-Aug-87 Boeing 737-2A1 CC-CHJ LAN Chile Calama-El Lo... 1 crashed
16-Jun-87 Boeing 737-2T4 B-2514 CAAC Fuzhou Airpo... 0 damaged
25-Dec-86 Boeing 737-270C YI-AGJ Iraqi Airways near Arar 63 destroyed
25-Oct-86 Boeing 737-222 N752N Piedmont Airlines Charlotte-Do... 0 crashed
15-Oct-86 Boeing 737-286 EP-IRG Iran Air Shiraz Airpo... 3 crashed
28-Aug-86 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAJ Indian Airlines Rajkot-Civil... 0 damaged
20-Jul-86 Boeing 737-296 C-GQBH Quebecair Wabush Airpo... 0 damaged
14-Jul-86 Boeing 737-275 C-GGPW Pacific Western Kelowna Airp... 0 damaged
04-Mar-86 Boeing 737-284   Olympic Airways Thira Airpor... 0 hijacked
16-Feb-86 Boeing 737-281 B-1870 China Airlines near Magong Airpo... 13 crashed
28-Jan-86 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SME VASP São Paulo-Gu... 1 crashed
15-Jan-86 Boeing 737-2A8 Advanced VT-EGD Indian Airlines Tiruchirappa... 0 damaged
07-Dec-85 Boeing 737-248 EI-ASA Aer Lingus Dublin Airpo... 0 damaged
24-Nov-85 Boeing 737-266 SU-AYH EgyptAir Malta-Luqa A... 60 destroyed
25-Sep-85 Boeing 737-2X6C N674MA MarkAir Unalaska Air... 0 damaged
22-Aug-85 Boeing 737-236 G-BGJL British Airtours Manchester I... 55 crashed
21-Jun-85 Boeing 737-205 LN-SUG Braathens Oslo-Fornebu... 0 hijacked
11-May-85 Boeing 737-268 Adv.   Saudi Arabian Doha Interna... 0 damaged
26-Apr-85 Boeing 737-281   China Airlines Taipei-Sung ... 0 hijacked
15-Apr-85 Boeing 737-2P5 HS-TBB Thai Airways near Phuket Inter... 11 crashed
29-Mar-85 Boeing 737-230   Lufthansa London-Heath... 0 hijacked
17-Mar-85 Boeing 737-268   Saudi Arabian Dhahran Inte... 1 hijacked
08-Feb-85 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EDS Indian Airlines Calcutta-Dum... 0 damaged
16-Sep-84 Boeing 737-270   Iraqi Airways Baghdad-Sadd... 3 hijacked
30-Aug-84 Boeing 737-2H7C TJ-CBD Cameroon Airlines Douala Airpo... 2 crashed
24-Aug-84 Boeing 737-2A8 Advanced VT-EFK Indian Airlines Dubai Airpor... 0 hijacked
31-Jul-84 Boeing 737-228 F-GBYH Air France Tehran-Mehra... 0 hijacked
06-Jun-84 Boeing 737-2A8 Advanced VT-EGI Indian Airlines Calcutta Air... 0 damaged
27-Mar-84 Boeing 737-200   Piedmont Airlines Havana-José ... 0 hijacked
22-Mar-84 Boeing 737-275 C-GQPW Pacific Western Calgary Inte... 0 crashed
07-Mar-84 Boeing 737-228   Air France Genève-Coint... 0 hijacked
09-Feb-84 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBV TAAG Huambo Airpo... 0 destroyed
08-Nov-83 Boeing 737-2M2 D2-TBN TAAG near Lubango Airp... 130 destroyed
23-Sep-83 Boeing 737-2P6 A4O-BK Gulf Air Mino Jebel Ali 112 destroyed
11-Jul-83 Boeing 737-2V2 HC-BIG TAME Ecuador near Cuenca 119 crashed
27-Mar-83 Boeing 737-2B1 C9-BAB LAM near Quelimane Ai... 0 crashed
22-Feb-83 Boeing 737-2A1C PP-SNC VASP Manaus-Eduar... 2 crashed
26-Aug-82 Boeing 737-2Q3 JA8444 Southwest Air Lines Ishigaki Air... 0 crashed
20-Aug-82 Boeing 737-200   Indian Airlines Amritsar Air... 1 hijacked
04-Aug-82 Boeing 737-200   Indian Airlines Amritsar-Raj... 0 hijacked
25-May-82 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMY VASP Brasilia Int... 2 crashed
26-Feb-82 Boeing 737-2R8C 5H-ATC Air Tanzania Nairobi, Jed... 0 hijacked
02-Feb-82 Boeing 737-200   Air Florida Havana 0 hijacked
13-Jan-82 Boeing 737-222 N62AF Air Florida near Washington-N... 74+ 4 crashed
13-Oct-81 Boeing 737-2K2C PH-TVC Air Malta Cairo Intern... 0 destroyed
29-Sep-81 Boeing 737-200   Indian Airlines Lahore Airpo... 0 hijacked
22-Aug-81 Boeing 737-222 B-2603 FEAT near Miao-Li 110 crashed
02-May-81 Boeing 737-248C EI-ASD Aer Lingus Le Touquet A... 0 hijacked
27-Mar-81 Boeing 737-2K6 HR-SHA SAHSA Managua, Pan... 0 hijacked
17-Feb-81 Boeing 737-293 N468AC Air California Santa Ana-Jo... 0 crashed
13-Feb-81 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAI Indian Airlines Madras Airpo... 0 damaged
04-Nov-80 Boeing 737-2M2C D2-TAA TAAG Benguela Air... 0 crashed
13-Aug-80 Boeing 737   Air Florida Havana 0 hijacked
10-Aug-80 Boeing 737   Air Florida Havana 0 hijacked
24-Jul-80 Boeing 737-269 9K-ACV Kuwait Airways Kuwait, Mana... 0 hijacked
30-Jun-80 Boeing 737-287C LV-JND Aerolineas Argentinas Buenos Aires... 0 hijacked
01-Jan-80 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAH Indian Airlines Ahmedabad Ai... 0 damaged
22-May-79 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EDS Indian Airlines Nagpur Airpo... 0 damaged
26-Apr-79 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-ECR Indian Airlines Madras Airpo... 0 destroyed
20-Dec-78 Boeing 737-200   Indian Airlines Varanasi 0 hijacked
17-Dec-78 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAL Indian Airlines Hyderabad-Be... 1+ 3 crashed
24-Aug-78 Boeing 737-287C LV-JNE Aerolineas Argentinas Buenos Aires... 0 damaged
04-Apr-78 Boeing 737-229C OO-SDH Sabena Charleroi-Go... 0 crashed
02-Apr-78 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMX VASP São Paulo-Co... 0 crashed
01-Apr-78 Boeing 737-200   Piedmont Airlines Richmond, Ne... 0 hijacked
09-Mar-78 Boeing 737-281 B-1870 China Airlines Hong Kong 1 hijacked
11-Feb-78 Boeing 737-275 C-FPWC Pacific Western Cranbrook Ai... 42 crashed
04-Dec-77 Boeing 737-2H6 9M-MBD MAS near Tanjong Kupang 100 destroyed
20-Oct-77 Boeing 737-200   Frontier Airlines Kansas City, MO 1 hijacked
13-Oct-77 Boeing 737-230C D-ABCE Lufthansa Mogadishu In... 4 hijacked
10-Sep-76 Boeing 737-200   Indian Airlines Lahore Airpo... 0 hijacked
23-Aug-76 Boeing 737-266   EgyptAir Luxor Airpor... 0 hijacked
05-Oct-75 Boeing 737-287C LV-JNE Aerolineas Argentinas Rafaela Aero... 0 hijacked
15-May-75 Boeing 737-200   United Airlines San Francisc... 0 hijacked
31-Mar-75 Boeing 737-247 N4527W Western Air Lines Casper Airpo... 0 crashed
01-Mar-75 Boeing 737-200   Iraqi Airways   1 hijacked
22-Feb-75 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMU VASP   0 hijacked
18-Feb-75 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAK Indian Airlines Bangalore-Hi... 0 damaged
22-Jan-75 Boeing 737-200   VASP   0 hijacked
29-Nov-74 Boeing 737-200   Canadian Pacific Saskatoon Ai... 0 hijacked
28-Oct-73 Boeing 737-222 N751N Piedmont Airlines Greensboro/H... 0 damaged
20-Oct-73 Boeing 737-287C LV-JNE Aerolineas Argentinas Yacuiba Airp... 0 hijacked
04-Jul-73 Boeing 737-287 LV-JTO Aerolineas Argentinas Havana-José ... 0 hijacked
31-May-73 Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAM Indian Airlines near Delhi-Indira... 48 crashed
08-Dec-72 Boeing 737-222 N9031U United Airlines near Chicago-Midw... 43+ 2 crashed
05-Jul-72 Boeing 737-200   PSA San Francisc... 3 hijacked
05-May-72 Boeing 737-200   Western Air Lines Havana-José ... 0 hijacked
13-Apr-72 Boeing 737-200   Frontier Airlines Los Angeles ... 0 hijacked
18-Oct-71 Boeing 737-200   Wien Consolidated Vancouver In... 0 hijacked
18-Jun-71 Boeing 737-200   Piedmont Airlines Winston-Sale... 0 hijacked
04-Jun-71 Boeing 737-200   United Airlines Washington-D... 0 hijacked
25-Feb-71 Boeing 737-200   Western Air Lines Vancouver In... 0 hijacked
28-Jul-70 Boeing 737-287 LV-JMX Aerolineas Argentinas Córdoba-Paja... 0 hijacked
19-Jul-70 Boeing 737-222 N9005U United Airlines Philadelphia... 0 crashed
14-May-70 Boeing 737-200   VASP Guyana, Curacao 0 hijacked
25-Apr-70 Boeing 737-2A1 PP-SMC VASP Guyana, Cuba 0 hijacked