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Boeing 707 / 720

The Boeing 707 is a four-engined medium-to-long-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 189 passengers produced by the American manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The Boeing 720 is a shortened and lighter variant of the Boeing 707.


Specifications for the Boeing 707/720
Crew 3  
Passengers max. 189  
Propulsion 4 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B  
Engine Power (each) 80,1 kN 18000 lbf
Speed 1009 km/h 545 kts
      627 mph
Service Ceiling 12.802 m 42.000 ft
Range 9.260 km 5.000 NM
    5.754 mi.
Empty Weight 67.495 kg 148.800 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 151.381 kg 333.600 lbs
max. Landing Weight 97.522 kg 215.000 lbs
Wing Span 43,40 m 142 ft 5 in
Wing Area 283,0 m² 3046 ft²
Length 46,61 m 152 ft 11 in
Height 12,85 m 42 ft 2 in
First Flight 15.07.1954  
Production Status out of production  
Production Range 1958-1978  
Total Production 1010  
ICAO Code B701 B703 E6  
IATA Code 707 70F 70M  
FAA TCDS 4A21, 4A26  
Data for (Version) Boeing 707-320B  
Variants 707-120, 707-138, 707-120B, 707-220, 707-320, 707-320B, 707-320C, 707-420, Boeing 720 (707-020), 720B (707-020B), C-137 Stratoliner

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
18-May-11 Boeing 707-321B N707AR Omega Air Refueling Port Hueneme... 0 crashed
21-Oct-09 Boeing 707-330C ST-AKW AZZA Transport, op.for Sudan Airways near Sharjah Airp... 6 crashed
13-Oct-09 Boeing 707-321C J5-GGU Safari Airlines Mombasa-Moi ... 0 crashed
03-Aug-09 Boeing 707-3J9C EP-SHK Saha Air Ahwaz Airpor... 0 crashed
23-Dec-05 Boeing 707-373C 9L-LDU Koda Air Istanbul-Sab... 0 destroyed
19-Jun-05 Boeing 707-347C C5-MBM Mahfooz Aviation Addis Ababa-... 0 crashed
20-Apr-05 Boeing 707-3J9C EP-SHE Saha Air Tehran-Mehra... 3 crashed
19-Mar-05 Boeing 707-3K1C 9G-IRL Cargo Plus Aviation, op.for Ethiopian Airlines Entebbe Airp... 0 crashed
23-Oct-04 Boeing 707-330C PP-BSE BETA Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
02-Apr-04 Boeing 707-366C SU-AVZ Air Memphis Cairo Intern... 0 crashed
11-Jul-03 Boeing 707-3J6C 5X-AMW Air Memphis Dhaka-Zia In... 0 crashed
04-Jul-02 Boeing 707-123B 9XR-IS New Gomair Bangui 28 crashed
26-Apr-02 Boeing 707-366C 9Q-CKB Hewa Bora Airways Kinshasa-N'D... 0 crashed
07-Sep-01 Boeing 707-323C TN-AGO Equaflight Lubumbashi-L... 0 crashed
23-Mar-01 Boeing 707-3B4C SU-BMV Luxor Air Egypt Monrovia-Rob... 0 crashed
07-Mar-01 Boeing 707-331C PT-MST Skymaster Airlines São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
21-Sep-00 Boeing 707-312B 5V-TAG Togo Government Niamey Airpo... 0 crashed
14-Apr-00 Boeing 707-327C 9Q-CGC Government of Congo Kinshasa-N'D... 0 destroyed
03-Feb-00 Boeing 707-351C ST-APY TAAT near Mwanza Airpo... 0 crashed
14-Aug-99 Boeing 707-351C ST-ANP TAAT Juba Airport... 0 crashed
07-Feb-99 Boeing 707-328C 9G-ROX Avistar Bratislava-I... 0 crashed
14-Nov-98 Boeing 707-355C 5N-VRG IAT Cargo Oostende Air... 0 crashed
05-Sep-98 Boeing 707-138B N138SR Jaffe Group Port Harcour... 0 destroyed
04-Aug-98 Boeing 707-300   Air Atlantic Cargo, op.for Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises Kitona 0 hijacked
04-Aug-98 Boeing 707   Congo Air Cargo Kitona 0 hijacked
10-Mar-98 Boeing 707-336C SU-PBA Air Memphis Mombasa-Moi ... 6 crashed
01-Nov-97 Boeing 707-323C 9Q-CKK Congo Airlines Kinshasa-N'D... 0 crashed
10-Mar-97 Boeing 707-330B Z-WKU Air Zimbabwe Shannon Airp... 0 damaged
16-Jan-97 Boeing 707-331C P4-OOO First Int. Airways Kananga Airp... 0 crashed
23-Oct-96 Boeing 707-372C LV-LGP Argentine AF Buenos Aires... 2 crashed
22-Oct-96 Boeing 707-323C N751MA Millon Air near Manta Airpor... 4+ 23 crashed
21-Aug-96 Boeing 707-366C SU-AVX EgyptAir Istanbul-Ata... 0 crashed
30-Jun-96 Boeing 707-369C 5X-JON DAS Air Cargo, op.for Air Afrique Bamako Airpo... 0 crashed
30-Nov-95 Boeing 707-323C 4K-401 Azerbaijan Airlines near Baku Airport... 2 crashed
19-Sep-95 Boeing 707-3J9C EP-SHE Saha Air, op.for Kish Air Ovda Airport... 0 hijacked
17-Aug-95 Boeing 707-321C YR-ABN Air Afrique N'Djamena Ai... 0 crashed
19-Dec-94 Boeing 707-3F9C 5N-ABK Nigeria Airways near Kiri Kasama 3 crashed
09-Oct-94 Boeing 707-324C HK-3355X TAMPA Colombia São Paulo-Gu... 0 crashed
26-Jul-93 Boeing 707-327C OD-AFY TMA Amsterdam-Sc... 0 crashed
31-Jan-93 Boeing 707-387B LV-ISA LADE Recife-Guara... 0 crashed
15-Jan-93 Boeing 707-321C YR-ABM Air Afrique Abidjan-Feli... 0 crashed
26-Nov-92 Boeing 707-365C PT-TCP Aerobrasil Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
25-Nov-92 Boeing 707-321C 5X-DAR DAS Air Cargo near Kano 0 crashed
29-Apr-92 Boeing 707-351C 9G-RBO GAS Air Nigeria Ilorin Airpo... 0 crashed
25-Apr-92 Boeing 707-324C HK-3604X TAMPA Colombia Miami Intern... 0 damaged
31-Mar-92 Boeing 707-321C 5N-MAS Trans-Air Service Istres 0 crashed
24-Mar-92 Boeing 707-321C ST-ALX Golden Star Air Cargo near Athens-Ellin... 7 crashed
20-Feb-92 Boeing 707-349C D2-TOJ TAAG Luanda-4 de ... 0 crashed
07-Dec-91 Boeing 707-351C 5A-DJT Libyan Arab Airlines Tripoli Inte... 0 crashed
31-Aug-91 Boeing 707-323C CP-1365 LAB Dothan Airpo... 0 destroyed
25-Mar-91 Boeing 707-385C ET-AJZ Ethiopian Airlines Asmara Inter... 0 destroyed
10-Jan-91 Boeing 707-3K1C YR-ABD Romavia Bucharest-Ot... 0 crashed
04-Dec-90 Boeing 707-321C ST-SAC Sudania near Nairobi-Jomo... 10 crashed
02-Oct-90 Boeing 707-3J6B B-2402 China Southwest Guangzhou-Ba... 0 crashed
20-Sep-90 Boeing 707-321B N320MJ Omega Air Inc Marana-Pinal... 1 crashed
25-Jul-90 Boeing 707-379C ET-ACQ Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa-... 0 crashed
14-Jul-90 Boeing 707-349C ST-ALK TAAT Khartoum-Civ... 0 crashed
23-Jun-90 Boeing 707-321B CC-CEI LAN Chile Santiago-Art... 0 destroyed
01-Mar-90 Boeing 707-329C 9Q-CVG Katale Aero Transport Goma Airport... 0 crashed
25-Jan-90 Boeing 707-321B HK-2016 Avianca Cove Neck, NY 73 crashed
11-Jul-89 Boeing 707-351B 5Y-BBK Kenya Airways Addis Ababa-... 0 crashed
17-May-89 Boeing 707-330B 6O-SBT Somali Airlines Nairobi-Jomo... 0 crashed
21-Mar-89 Boeing 707-349C PT-TCS Transbrasil near São Paulo-Gu... 3+ 22 crashed
08-Feb-89 Boeing 707-331B N7231T Independent Air Pico Alto 144 crashed
13-Dec-88 Boeing 707-351C 5N-AYJ GAS Air Nigeria Karm `Umran 8+ 1 crashed
17-Oct-88 Boeing 707-338C 5X-UBC Uganda Airlines near Roma-Fiumici... 33 crashed
10-Oct-88 Boeing 707-347C D2-TOM TAAG Luanda 0 crashed
21-Jul-88 Boeing 707-328C D2-TOV Angola Air Charter near Lagos-Murtal... 6 crashed
08-Feb-88 Boeing 707-349C D2-TOI TAAG Luanda-4 de ... 0 crashed
29-Nov-87 Boeing 707-3B5C HL7406 Korean Air near Tavoy, Myanm... 115 destroyed
13-Apr-87 Boeing 707-351C N144SP Burlington Air Express near Kansas City ... 4 crashed
11-Apr-87 Boeing 707-330C PT-TCO Transbrasil Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
15-Jan-87 Boeing 707-365C PT-TCP Transbrasil near Jaboatão, PE 0 damaged
08-Jan-87 Boeing 707-323C OD-AHB MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
03-Jan-87 Boeing 707-379C PP-VJK Varig near Abidjan-Feli... 50 crashed
05-Jul-86 Boeing 707-300   Sudan Airways Khartoum-Civ... 0 hijacked
27-Jan-86 Boeing 707-387C LV-JGR Aerolineas Argentinas Buenos Aires... 0 crashed
02-Nov-85 Boeing 707-300   Iran Air Tehran-Mehra... 0 hijacked
21-Aug-85 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFL MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
21-Aug-85 Boeing 720-047B OD-AGQ MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
15-Aug-85 Boeing 707-336C 7O-ACO Alyemda Aden 3 damaged
13-Jun-85 Boeing 707-336B TY-BBR Benin Government Sebha Airpor... 0 crashed
12-Jun-85 Boeing 707-300   MEA Larnaca Airp... 0 hijacked
01-Apr-85 Boeing 707-300   MEA Jeddah Inter... 0 hijacked
23-Feb-85 Boeing 707-300   MEA Beirut Inter... 1 hijacked
07-Feb-85 Boeing 707-123B   Cyprus Airways Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
01-Dec-84 Boeing 720-027 N833NA NASA Edwards AFB,... 0 destroyed
24-Nov-84 Boeing 707-338C   Somali Airlines Addis Ababa-... 0 hijacked
21-Jul-84 Boeing 707-300   MEA Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
14-Dec-83 Boeing 707-373C HK-2401 TAMPA Colombia near Medellín-Enr... 3+ 22 crashed
13-Oct-83 Boeing 707-436 N4465D Coastal Airways Perpignan Ai... 0 destroyed
25-Sep-83 Boeing 707-336C 5N-ARO RN Cargo Accra-Kotoka... 0 destroyed
26-Aug-83 Boeing 707-300   MEA Tel Aviv 0 hijacked
26-Aug-83 Boeing 707-300   MEA Tel Aviv 0 hijacked
22-Jun-83 Boeing 707-300   Libyan Arab Airlines Larnaca Airp... 0 hijacked
01-Jun-83 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFO MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
14-Mar-83 Boeing 707-338C 5A-DJO Jamahiriya Air Transport near Sebha 5 crashed
20-Jan-83 Boeing 707-300   Alyemda Djibouti Air... 0 hijacked
04-Dec-82 Boeing 707-323B N8434 Global Int. Airways Brasilia Int... 0 crashed
17-Oct-82 Boeing 707-366C SU-APE EgyptAir Genève-Coint... 0 crashed
10-Sep-82 Boeing 707-348C ST-AIM Sudan Airways near Khartoum 0 crashed
01-Aug-82 Boeing 720-047B OD-AGG MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
22-Jun-82 Boeing 707-437 VT-DJJ Air-India Bombay-Santa... 17 crashed
16-Jun-82 Boeing 707-3B4C OD-AFB MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
16-Jun-82 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFU MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
16-Jun-82 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFW MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
16-Jun-82 Boeing 720-047B OD-AGR MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
16-Jun-82 Boeing 707-323C OD-AGN TMA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
12-Jun-82 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFP MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
24-Feb-82 Boeing 707-300   Kuwait Airways Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
26-Jan-82 Boeing 707-348C 7O-ACJ Alyemda Damascus Int... 0 destroyed
16-Dec-81 Boeing 707-124 HI-384HA Hispaniola Miami Intern... 0 crashed
05-Dec-81 Boeing 707   TWA Cleveland, OH 0 hijacked
26-Nov-81 Boeing 707-337C VT-DVB Air-India Durban 0 hijacked
23-Oct-81 Boeing 707-331C OD-AGT TMA Tokyo-Narita... 0 crashed
31-Aug-81 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFR MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
05-Jul-81 Boeing 707-327C OD-AGW TMA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
11-Jun-81 Boeing 707-341C PP-VJT Varig Manaus-Eduar... 0 crashed
29-Mar-81 Boeing 707-329 OO-SJA Sobelair Brussel-Zave... 0 crashed
02-Mar-81 Boeing 720-030B AP-AZP PIA Kabul, Damascus 1 hijacked
08-Jan-81 Boeing 720-047B AP-AXK PIA Karachi Inte... 0 crashed
20-Dec-80 Boeing 707-321F HK-2410X Aerotal Colombia Bogotá-Eldor... 0 crashed
30-Nov-80 Boeing 707-131B N797TW TWA San Francisc... 0 crashed
31-Jul-80 Boeing 707-358C 4X-ATX El Al Tel Aviv-Ben... 0 damaged
11-May-80 Boeing 707-329C OO-SJH Sabena, op.for Zaire Int. Cargo Douala Airpo... 0 crashed
03-Apr-80 Boeing 707-373C S2-ABQ Biman Bangladesh Singapore-Pa... 0 crashed
10-Mar-80 Boeing 707   MEA Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
27-Feb-80 Boeing 707-309C B-1826 China Airlines Manila Inter... 2 crashed
28-Jan-80 Boeing 720   MEA Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
27-Jan-80 Boeing 720-059B HK-725 Avianca Quito-Marisc... 0 crashed
18-Jan-80 Boeing 720   MEA Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
30-Nov-79 Boeing 707-373C HZ-ACE Saudi Arabian Jeddah Inter... 0 crashed
26-Nov-79 Boeing 707-340C AP-AWZ PIA near Taif 156 crashed
11-Sep-79 Boeing 707-324C B-1834 China Airlines near Taipei-Chian... 6 crashed
19-Aug-79 Boeing 707-123B 5B-DAM Cyprus Airways Bahrain Inte... 0 crashed
26-Jul-79 Boeing 707-330C D-ABUY Lufthansa near Rio de Janei... 3 crashed
23-Jul-79 Boeing 707-327C OD-AFX TMA Beirut Inter... 6 crashed
01-Apr-79 Boeing 707-321C 5X-UAL Uganda Airlines Entebbe Airp... 0 destroyed
19-Feb-79 Boeing 707-123B C-GQBH Quebecair Saint Lucia-... 0 crashed
17-Feb-79 Boeing 707-321C OD-AGO TMA Taoyuan 0 damaged
30-Jan-79 Boeing 707-323C PP-VLU Varig near Tokyo, Japan 6 crashed
16-Jan-79 Boeing 707   MEA Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
25-Aug-78 Boeing 707   TWA Genève-Coint... 0 hijacked
03-Aug-78 Boeing 707-351B CC-CCX LAN Chile near Buenos Aires... 0 crashed
20-Apr-78 Boeing 707-321B HL7429 KAL Korpijärvi Lake 2 destroyed
15-Feb-78 Boeing 707-329 OO-SJE Sabena Tenerife-Nor... 0 crashed
19-Nov-77 Boeing 707-360C ET-ACD Ethiopian Airlines near Roma-Fiumici... 5 crashed
20-Aug-77 Boeing 707   Western Air Lines Salt Lake Ci... 0 hijacked
09-Aug-77 Boeing 707-430 9Q-CRT Pearl Air San'a Intern... 0 crashed
08-Jul-77 Boeing 707   Kuwait Airways Damascus 0 hijacked
05-Jun-77 Boeing 707   MEA Kuwait 0 hijacked
14-May-77 Boeing 707-321C G-BEBP Dan-Air Services, op.for IAS Cargo near Lusaka Airpo... 6 crashed
22-Mar-77 Boeing 707   Singapore Airlines Perth Airpor... 0 damaged
17-Mar-77 Boeing 707-436 G-APFK British Airtours Glasgow-Pres... 0 crashed
25-Dec-76 Boeing 707-366C SU-AXA EgyptAir near Bangkok-Don ... 52+ 19 crashed
13-Oct-76 Boeing 707-131F N730JP Jet Power, op.for LAB near Santa Cruz-E... 3+ 88 crashed
07-Sep-76 Boeing 707-328 F-BHSH Air France Ajaccio-Camp... 0 destroyed
16-Aug-76 Boeing 720-047B HK-723 Avianca Mexico City-... 0 crashed
02-Aug-76 Boeing 707-373C HL7412 KAL near Tehran-Mehra... 5 crashed
27-Jun-76 Boeing 720-047B OD-AGE MEA Beirut Inter... 1 destroyed
22-Apr-76 Boeing 720-022 N37777 US Global of Florida near Barranquilla... 0 crashed
01-Jan-76 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFT MEA near Al Qaysumah 81 destroyed
22-Dec-75 Boeing 707-331B N18701 TWA Milano-Malpe... 0 crashed
03-Aug-75 Boeing 707-321C JY-AEE Alia near Agadir 188 crashed
05-Jul-75 Boeing 707-373C AP-AWV PIA Islamabad In... 0 damaged
13-Sep-74 Boeing 720-025 OY-DSR Conair Kobenhavn-Ka... 0 crashed
08-Sep-74 Boeing 707-331B N8734 TWA near Cephalonia, ... 88 destroyed
26-Aug-74 Boeing 707   TWA Roma-Fiumici... 0 damaged
22-Apr-74 Boeing 707-321B N446PA Pan Am near Denpasar 107 crashed
01-Apr-74 Boeing 707-437 VT-DNZ Air-India Hong Kong-Ka... 0 damaged
30-Jan-74 Boeing 707-321B N454PA Pan Am near Pago Pago In... 97 crashed
16-Jan-74 Boeing 707-131B N757TW TWA Los Angeles ... 0 crashed
20-Dec-73 Boeing 707-330B D-ABOT Lufthansa near Delhi-Palam ... 0 crashed
17-Dec-73 Boeing 707-321B N407PA Pan Am Roma-Fiumici... 30 destroyed
03-Nov-73 Boeing 707-321C N458PA Pan Am Boston-Logan... 3 crashed
16-Oct-73 Boeing 707-327C OD-AFX TMA Bombay-Santa... 0 damaged
16-Aug-73 Boeing 720-023B OD-AFR MEA Tel Aviv-Lod... 0 hijacked
22-Jul-73 Boeing 707-321B N417PA Pan Am near Papeete-Faaa... 78 crashed
11-Jul-73 Boeing 707-345C PP-VJZ Varig near Paris-Orly A... 123 crashed
09-Jun-73 Boeing 707-327C PP-VLJ Varig Rio de Janei... 2 crashed
22-Jan-73 Boeing 707-3D3C JY-ADO Alia, op.for Nigeria Airways Kano Interna... 176 crashed
02-Jan-73 Boeing 707-321C CF-PWZ Pacific Western near Edmonton Int... 5 crashed
08-Dec-72 Boeing 720-060B   Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa 7 hijacked
05-Dec-72 Boeing 707-366C SU-AOW EgyptAir Beni Suef 6 crashed
22-Oct-72 Boeing 707-321 TC-JAM THY Sofia-Vrazhd... 0 hijacked
13-Sep-72 Boeing 707-331C N15712 TWA San Francisc... 0 crashed
16-Aug-72 Boeing 707   El Al near Roma 0 damaged
05-Jul-72 Boeing 707   American Airlines Buffalo-Grea... 0 hijacked
28-May-72 Boeing 707   Olympic Airways Athens 0 hijacked
08-May-72 Boeing 707-329 OO-SJG Sabena Tel Aviv-Lod... 3 hijacked
08-Mar-72 Boeing 707-331 N761TW TWA Las Vegas-Mc... 0 destroyed
29-Jan-72 Boeing 707   TWA New York-Joh... 0 hijacked
26-Dec-71 Boeing 707   American Airlines   0 hijacked
24-Dec-71 Boeing 707   Northwest Orient Airlines Chicago-O'Ha... 0 hijacked
15-Dec-71 Boeing 707-340C AP-AVZ PIA Urumqi Airpo... 0 crashed
02-Dec-71 Boeing 720   PIA Paris-Orly A... 0 hijacked
24-Aug-71 Boeing 707   Alia Madrid-Baraj... 0 damaged
04-Aug-71 Boeing 707-324C N47330 Continental Air Lines Compton, CA 0 damaged
25-Jul-71 Boeing 707-321C N461PA Pan Am near Manila Inter... 4 crashed
02-Jul-71 Boeing 707   Braniff Airways Buenos Aires... 0 hijacked
29-May-71 Boeing 707   Pan Am   0 hijacked
29-Apr-71 Boeing 720   Avianca Panama City-... 0 hijacked
31-Mar-71 Boeing 720-047B N3166 Western Air Lines Ontario Inte... 5 crashed
23-Jan-71 Boeing 707-437 VT-DJI Air-India Bombay-Santa... 0 crashed
09-Jan-71 Boeing 707-323C N7595A American Airlines Edison, NJ 0 damaged
30-Nov-70 Boeing 707-373C N790TW TWA Tel Aviv-Lod... 0+ 2 crashed
15-Sep-70 Boeing 707   TWA San Francisc... 0 hijacked
13-Sep-70 Boeing 707-331B N8715T TWA Zerqa RAF St... 0 destroyed
06-Sep-70 Boeing 707-458 4X-ATB El Al London-Heath... 1 hijacked
12-Jul-70 Boeing 707   Saudi Arabian Damascus 0 hijacked
22-Jun-70 Boeing 707   Pan Am Cairo 0 hijacked
22-Apr-70 Boeing 707-131 N743TW TWA Indianapolis... 0 destroyed
12-Mar-70 Boeing 707-345C PP-VJX Varig   0 hijacked
08-Jan-70 Boeing 707   TWA Beirut Inter... 0 hijacked
12-Dec-69 Boeing 707   Ethiopian Airlines Athens (ATH) 2 hijacked
03-Dec-69 Boeing 707-328B F-BHSZ Air France near Caracas-Simo... 62 crashed
02-Dec-69 Boeing 707   TWA   0 hijacked
29-Nov-69 Boeing 707-345C PP-VJX Varig Havana-Jose ... 0 hijacked
04-Nov-69 Boeing 707-345C PP-VJX Varig Santiago, Ha... 0 hijacked
31-Oct-69 Boeing 707   TWA Rome 0 hijacked
21-Oct-69 Boeing 720B   Pan Am Havana 0 hijacked
08-Oct-69 Boeing 707-387B LV-ISC Aerolineas Argentinas Havana-José ... 0 hijacked
29-Aug-69 Boeing 707-331B N776TW TWA Damascus Int... 0 hijacked
03-Aug-69 Boeing 707-323C N7567A American Airlines Fort Worth, TX 0 damaged
26-Jul-69 Boeing 707-331C N787TW TWA Atlantic Cit... 5 crashed
18-Jun-69 Boeing 707-360C ET-ACD Ethiopian Airlines Karachi Inte...   damaged
17-Jun-69 Boeing 707   TWA   0 hijacked
11-Mar-69 Boeing 707-379C ET-ACQ Ethiopian Airlines Frankfurt In... 0 damaged
18-Feb-69 Boeing 720-058B 4X-ABB El Al Zürich-Klote... 0+ 1 damaged
28-Dec-68 Boeing 707-3B4C OD-AFC MEA Beirut Inter... 0 destroyed
26-Dec-68 Boeing 707-321C N799PA Pan Am Anchorage-El... 3 crashed
12-Dec-68 Boeing 707-321B N494PA Pan Am near Caracas 51 crashed
30-Nov-68 Boeing 720   Eastern Air Lines   0 hijacked
24-Nov-68 Boeing 707   Pan Am   0 hijacked
19-Nov-68 Boeing 707-324C N17325 Continental Air Lines near Gunnison, CO 0 damaged
08-Nov-68 Boeing 707   Olympic Airways Paris-Orly A... 0 hijacked
20-Sep-68 Boeing 720   Eastern Air Lines   0 hijacked
07-Sep-68 Boeing 707-341C PP-VJR Varig Rio de Janei... 0 destroyed
23-Jul-68 Boeing 707-458 4X-ATA El Al Algiers-Dar ... 0 hijacked
13-Jul-68 Boeing 707-329C OO-SJK Sabena near Lagos-Murtal... 7 crashed
12-Jun-68 Boeing 707-321C N798PA Pan Am near Calcutta-Dum... 6 crashed
20-Apr-68 Boeing 707-344C ZS-EUW South African Airways near Windhoek-Str... 123 crashed
08-Apr-68 Boeing 707-465 G-ARWE BOAC London-Heath... 5 crashed
05-Mar-68 Boeing 707-328C F-BLCJ Air France near Pointe-à-Pitre 63 crashed
07-Feb-68 Boeing 707-138B N791SA Canadian Pacific Vancouver In... 1+ 1 crashed
09-Jan-68 Boeing 720-060B ET-AAG Ethiopian Airlines, op.for MEA Beirut Inter... 0 crashed
06-Nov-67 Boeing 707-131 N742TW TWA Cincinnati/N... 1 crashed
05-Mar-66 Boeing 707-436 G-APFE BOAC Mount Fuji 124 crashed
24-Jan-66 Boeing 707-437 VT-DMN Air-India Mont Blanc 117 crashed
04-Dec-65 Boeing 707-131B N748TW TWA New York, NY 0 damaged
17-Sep-65 Boeing 707-121B N708PA Pan Am Chances Peak 30 crashed
01-Jul-65 Boeing 707-124 N70773 Continental Air Lines Kansas City ... 0 crashed
28-Jun-65 Boeing 707-321B N761PA Pan Am near San Francisc... 0 damaged
20-May-65 Boeing 720-040B AP-AMH PIA near Cairo Intern... 121 crashed
23-Nov-64 Boeing 707-331 N769TW TWA Roma-Fiumici... 50 crashed
15-Jul-64 Boeing 720-030B D-ABOP Lufthansa near Ansbach 3 crashed
29-May-64 Boeing 707-331 N761TW TWA Paris-Orly A... 0 damaged
07-Apr-64 Boeing 707-139 N779PA Pan Am New York-Joh... 0 crashed
08-Dec-63 Boeing 707-121 N709PA Pan Am Elkton, MD 81 crashed
12-Nov-63 Boeing 707-437 VT-DJK Air-India Wien-Schwech... 0 damaged
12-Feb-63 Boeing 720-051B N724US Northwest Orient Airlines Everglades, FL 43 crashed
27-Nov-62 Boeing 707-441 PP-VJB Varig near Lima-Callao ... 97 crashed
14-Aug-62 Boeing 720-030B D-ABOM Lufthansa London Airpo... 0 damaged
22-Jun-62 Boeing 707-328 F-BHST Air France near Pointe-à-Pit... 113 crashed
03-Jun-62 Boeing 707-328 F-BHSM Air France Paris-Orly A... 130 crashed
22-May-62 Boeing 707-124 N70775 Continental Air Lines near Unionville, MO 45 destroyed
01-Mar-62 Boeing 707-123B N7506A American Airlines Jamaica Bay, NY 95 crashed
04-Dec-61 Boeing 720-030B D-ABOK Lufthansa near Ebersheim 3 crashed
24-Sep-61 Boeing 720-023B N7545A American Airlines Boston-Logan... 0 damaged
03-Aug-61 Boeing 707-124 N70775 Continental Air Lines   0 hijacked
27-Jul-61 Boeing 707-328 F-BHSA Air France Hamburg-Fuhl... 0 crashed
15-Feb-61 Boeing 707-329 OO-SJB Sabena near Brussel-Zave... 72+ 1 crashed
28-Jan-61 Boeing 707-123 N7502A American Airlines near Montauk Poin... 6 crashed
24-Dec-60 Boeing 707-436 G-APFN BOAC London Airpo... 0 damaged
29-Oct-60 Boeing 707-344 ZS-CKC South African Airways Nairobi-Emba... 0 damaged
19-Oct-59 Boeing 707-227 N7071 Boeing near Arlington, WA 4 crashed
15-Aug-59 Boeing 707-123 N7514A American Airlines near Calverton-Pe... 5 crashed
03-Feb-59 Boeing 707-121 N712PA Pan Am near Atlantic Ocean 0 damaged