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Commercial Aircraft Directory - AVIC

This section provides details of all currently operating commercial aircraft types throughout the world. The aircraft are sorted by manufacturer name. This page lists all commercial aircraft manufactured by AVIC.

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Aircraft Directory - AVIC

AVIC company logoAviation Industry Corporation of China (abbreviated as AVIC) is a Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense company, ranked 159th place in the Fortune Global 500 lists. Since being established on 1 April 1951 as the Aviation Industry Administration Commission, the aviation industry of the People's Republic of China has been through 12 systemic reforms.
China Aviation Industry Corporation was a Chinese consortium of aircraft manufacturers. On July 1, 1999, this consortium was split into China Aviation Industry Corporation I and China Aviation Industry Corporation II. On 28 October 2008, AVIC I and AVIC II officially merged because the previous separation resulted in split resources and led to redundant projects. The major focus of AVIC is to efficiently develop indigenous military technologies, and to eventually compete with Airbus and Boeing in the civilian airline industry.

Model First Flight Remarks
ARJ-21 xxx xxx
Harbin Y-12    
X'ian MA60