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Antonov An-72/74

The Antonov An-72 is a twin-engined multi-purpose STOL transport jet aircraft developed by the Soviet design bureau OKB Antonov (today Antonov ASTC, Ukraine). The An-74 is a variant for operations in cold weather conditions in polar regions.

The An-72 & An-74 are in operation with both military and civil operators.


Specifications for the Antonov An-72
Crew 3  
Propulsion 2 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model Lotarev D-36  
Engine Power (each) 63,7 kN 14320 lbf
Speed 706 km/h 381 kts
      438 mph
Service Ceiling 10.700 m 35.105 ft
Range 4.800 km 2.592 NM
    2.983 mi.
Empty Weight 19.000 kg 41.888 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 34.500 kg 76.059 lbs
Wing Span 31,89 m 104 ft 8 in
Wing Area 98,6 m² 1061 ft²
Length 28,07 m 92 ft 1 in
Height 8,65 m 28 ft 5 in
First Flight 22.12.1977  
Production Status in production  
ICAO Code AN72  
IATA Code AN7  
NATO Code Coaler Madcap  
Data for (Version) Antonov / Antonow An-72A  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
03-Apr-15 Antonov 74-200 RA-74056 ShAR Inc. Ltd. Barneo Camp ... 0 crashed
17-May-14 Antonov 74TK-300 RDPL-34020 Laos Government near Xieng Khouan... 16 crashed
30-Mar-10 Antonov 74 RA-74017 Polartrans Ivanovo-Seve... 0 crashed
16-Nov-06 Antonov 74 YL-KSB KS Avia Ancona-Falco... 0 damaged
23-Apr-06 Antonov 74TK-200 UR-74038 Kharkov State Aircraft Mf. Co., op.for Libyan Arab AF Kousséri 6 crashed
21-Apr-02 Antonov 72-100 ES-NOP Enimex, op.for Trigana Air Service Wamena Airpo... 0 crashed
06-Oct-00 Antonov 72 TL-ACW Centrafrican Airlines Luzamba Airp... 0 crashed
22-Dec-97 Antonov 72 ER-ACF Renan between Abid... 5 crashed
10-Dec-96 Antonov 74-200 RA-74037 Vostsibaero Mirny Airpor... 0 crashed
16-Jun-95 Antonov 74 RA-74041 Aviakor, op.for Liana Keperveem 0 damaged
23-Oct-94 Antonov 72 RA-72960 Federal Border Guard Vorkuta Airp... 0 crashed
16-Sep-91 Antonov 74 CCCP-74002 Antonov Design Bureau near Lensk Airport 13 crashed