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Antonov An-32

The Antonov An-32 is a twin-engined turboprop transport aircraft for operations in hot and heigh regions by the Soviet design bureau OKB Antonov (today Antonov ASTC, Ukraine). The An-32 is in operation with both military and civil operators.

The An-32 is a development of the Antonov An-26.


Specifications for the Antonov An-32
Crew 3  
Propulsion 2 Turboprop Engines  
Engine Model Ivchenko AI-20M  
Engine Power (each) 3169 kW 4250 shp
Speed 641 km/h 346 kts
      398 mph
Service Ceiling 9.500 m 31.168 ft
Range 2.500 km 1.350 NM
    1.554 mi.
Empty Weight 16.800 kg 37.038 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 27.000 kg 59.525 lbs
Wing Span 29,20 m 95 ft 10 in
Wing Area 75,0 m² 807 ft²
Length 23,80 m 78 ft 1 in
Height 8,58 m 28 ft 2 in
First Flight 1978  
Production Status out of production  
Total Production 356  
ICAO Code AN32  
IATA Code A32  
NATO Code Cline  
Data for (Version) Antonov / Antonow An-32  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
14-Jun-16 Antonov 32A EK32120 Coco Aviation, lsf Ayk Avia Bor Airport 0 crashed
26-May-08 Antonov 32 9Q-CMG GLBC Goma Airport... 0 crashed
16-Apr-08 Antonov 32 3C-5GE Equatorial Guinea National Guard near Annobón Island 13 crashed
11-Apr-08 Antonov 32B ST-AZL Kata Air Transport Chisinau Air... 8 crashed
27-Aug-07 Antonov 32B HK-4117 SELVA Colombia Mitú Airport... 0 crashed
26-Aug-07 Antonov 32B 9Q-CAC GLBC near Kongolo Airp... 14 crashed
24-Apr-06 Antonov 32B ZS-PDV US Department of State, opb Air Million Cargo Bost/Lashkar... 2+ 3 crashed
01-Jun-04 Antonov 32 9XR-SN Sun Air Kigali Inter... 0 crashed
09-Sep-02 Antonov 32B 9Q-CMD Malift Air Inongo Airpo... 0 crashed
19-Apr-02 Antonov 32A HK-4171X SELVA Colombia Popayán-Guil... 3 crashed
02-Apr-02 Antonov 32 ER-AEQ Renan Cafunfo Airp... 0 crashed
11-Dec-01 Antonov 32 D2-FEO Air Nave Luzamba Airp... 0 crashed
04-Apr-01 Antonov 32 D2-FDP Associação dos Pilotos de Angola near Malange Airp... 0 crashed
07-Nov-00 Antonov 32B ER-AFA Renan, op.for Malu Aviation Luabo Airport 2 crashed
07-Jun-00 Antonov 32B UR-48054 Aviatrans-K Airlines Lima-25 airs... 0 crashed
25-Mar-00 Antonov 32B D2-MAJ Angolan Government Huambo Airpo... 3 crashed
22-Dec-98 Antonov 32B HK-3930X SELVA Colombia near Rionegro/Med... 5 crashed
14-Sep-98 Antonov 32B 4K-66759 Avia Trend Lokichoggio ... 0 crashed
24-Aug-98 Antonov 32B HK-4007X SADELCA Colombia Leticia-Alfr... 0 crashed
07-May-98 Antonov 32B 3D-DRV Southern Gateway near Vaalwater 0 crashed
21-Dec-96 Antonov 32B HK-4008X SELVA Colombia near Rionegro/Med... 4 crashed
22-Nov-96 Antonov 32A RA-48104 Turin Flight Enterprise Baykit 0 crashed
08-Jan-96 Antonov 32B RA-26222 Moscow Airlines, op.for African Air Kinshasa-N'D... 0+ 237 crashed
06-Jan-96 Antonov 32B OB-1604 Imperial Air Chachapoyas ... 0 crashed
25-Oct-95 Antonov 32 RA-48981 MAP Ufa Motors near Ufa Airport ... 7 crashed
18-Jan-95 Antonov 32B UR-48074 Miabi Air Comp. Kinshasa-N'D... 0 crashed
08-Oct-94 Antonov 32B HK-3929X SELVA Colombia Mitú Airport... 0 crashed
06-Jul-94 Antonov 32P UR-48018 Antonov Design Bureau, op.for Heliservicio Sierra de Ma... 5 crashed
09-Feb-93 Antonov 32   UN Nairobi Nati...   unknown
09-Oct-92 Antonov 32 CCCP-48088 African Airlines Int. Mogadishu Ai... 1 crashed
10-Jun-92 Antonov 32B CCCP-48058 Aero Pulse Marromeu Air... 0 crashed
28-Sep-89 Antonov 32 CCCP-48095 MAP Moscow near Semenivka, C... 9 crashed
04-Oct-88 Antonov 32   Aviation Research Centre near Bhaisau 10 crashed