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Airbus A319

The Airbus A319 is a two-engined short- to medium-range narrowbody airliner with a capacity of maximum 160 Passengers produced by the European manufacturer Airbus S.A.S. The A319 has the longest range of the A320-singe-aisle-family.

The Airbus A319 is a shortened (minus 3,70 meters / 12 ft) development of the A320. It is powered by either CFM International CFM56-5 or International Aero Engines (IAE) V2500 engines..

Airbus A380

Specifications for the Airbus A319
Crew 2  
Passengers 124 / 153  
Propulsion 2 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model CFM Intl. CFM56-5B5  
Engine Power (each) 97,9 kN 22000 lbf
alternative Engine Variant    
Engine Model IAE International Aero Engines V2524-A5  
Engine Power (each) 108,9 kN 24479 lbf
Speed 900 km/h 486 kts
      559 mph
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.82  
Service Ceiling 12.527 m 41.100 ft
Range 6.801 km 3.672 NM
    4.226 mi.
Empty Weight 35.400 kg 78.044 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 75.500 kg 166.449 lbs
max. Landing Weight 61.000 kg 134.482 lbs
Wing Span 34,09 m 111 ft 10 in
Wing Area 122,6 m² 1320 ft²
Length 33,84 m 111 ft 0 in
Height 11,76 m 38 ft 7 in
First Flight 25.08.1995  
Production Status in production  
Developed from Airbus A320  
ICAO Code A319  
IATA Code 319 32D  
Data for (Version) Airbus A319-111  
Variants A319-111, A319-112, A319-113, A319-114, A319-115, A319-131, A319-132, A319-133  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
02-Apr-17 Airbus A319-114 C-GBHN Air Canada Jetz Tampa Intern... 0 damaged
14-Jan-16 Airbus A319-112 V5-ANL Air Namibia near Windhoek-Hos... 0 damaged
13-Jun-13 Airbus A319-111 RP-C3197 Cebu Pacific Air Manila-Ninoy... 0 damaged
24-May-13 Airbus A319-131 G-EUOE British Airways London-Heath... 0 damaged
14-Feb-12 Airbus A319-111 G-EZFV easyJet London-Luton... 0 damaged
13-Dec-11 Airbus A319-111 F-GRHS Air France Paris-Charle... 0 damaged
24-Sep-10 Airbus A319-132 EI-EDM Windjet Palermo-Punt... 0 crashed
12-Aug-10 Airbus A319-111 4K-AZ04 Azerbaijan Airlines Istanbul-Ata... 0 damaged
10-Jan-10 Airbus A319-131 N816UA United Airlines Newark-Liber... 0 damaged
17-Feb-08 Airbus A319-111 N752US US Airways Washington-R... 0 damaged
09-Jan-08 Airbus A319-114 N349NB Northwest Airlines Detroit-Metr... 0 damaged
08-Sep-06 Airbus A319-112 C-GJTA Air Canada New York-La ... 0 damaged
10-May-05 Airbus A319-114 N368NB Northwest Airlines Minneapolis-... 0 damaged
19-Jan-03 Airbus A319-114 N313NB Northwest Airlines New York-La ... 0 crashed