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Airbus A310

The Airbus A310 is a twin-engined medium- to long-range widebody airliner with a capacity of maximum 265 Passengers produced by the European manufacturer Airbus.

The A310 is a shortened development of the Airbus A300 and the second aircraft model of the former Airbus consortium.

Airbus A380

Specifications for the Airbus A310
Crew 2  
Passengers 220 / 265  
Propulsion 2 Turbofan Engines  
Engine Model General Electric CF6-80C2A2  
Engine Power (each) 233,3 kN 52450 lbf
alternative Engine Variant    
Engine Model Pratt & Whitney PW4156A  
Engine Power (each) 249,1 kN 56000 lbf
Speed 861 km/h 465 kts
      535 mph
Mmo (max. Mach) Mach 0.84  
Service Ceiling 12.497 m 41.000 ft
Range 9.630 km 5.200 NM
    5.984 mi.
Empty Weight 71.840 kg 158.380 lbs
max. Takeoff Weight 157.000 kg 361.620 lbs
max. Landing Weight 124.000 kg 273.420 lbs
Wing Span 43,89 m 143 ft 12 in
Wing Area 219,0 m² 2357 ft²
Length 46,66 m 153 ft 1 in
Height 15,80 m 51 ft 10 in
First Flight 03.04.1982  
Production Status out of production  
Production Range 1983-2007  
Total Production 255  
Developed from Airbus A300  
ICAO Code A310  
IATA Code 310 312 313 31F 31X  
Data for (Version) Airbus A310-304  
Variants A310-200, A310-200C, A310-200F, A310-300, A310-300C, A310-300F  

Aircraft lost, damaged and hijacked:
Date Aircraft type Reg. Airline Location Fatal Cat.
24-Dec-15 Airbus A310-308 EP-MNP Mahan Air Istanbul-Ata... 0 damaged
24-Dec-15 Airbus A310-304F 9Q-CVH Services Air Mbuji-Mayi A... 0+ 8 damaged
24-Jun-14 Airbus A310-324ET AP-BGN PIA near Peshawar-Bac... 1 damaged
13-Jun-14 Airbus A310-304 EP-MNX Mahan Air Tehran-Imam ... 0 damaged
02-Mar-13 Airbus A310-304 CS-TGU SATA Internacional Ponta Delgad... 0 damaged
31-Oct-10 Airbus A310-304F TC-JCV THY Casablanca-M... 0 crashed
30-Jun-09 Airbus A310-324 7O-ADJ Yemenia Airways near Mitsamiouli 152 crashed
10-Jun-08 Airbus A310-324 ST-ATN Sudan Airways Khartoum-Civ... 30 crashed
12-Mar-07 Airbus A310-325 S2-ADE Biman Bangladesh Dubai Airpor... 0 crashed
09-Jul-06 Airbus A310-324 F-OGYP S7 Airlines Irkutsk Airp... 125 crashed
07-Mar-05 Airbus A310-304ET F-OJHH Mahan Air Tehran-Mehra... 0 damaged
28-Mar-03 Airbus A310-304 TC-JCZ THY Istanbul 0 hijacked
07-Feb-03 Airbus A310-304 TC-JDA THY Istanbul-Ata... 0 hijacked
28-Sep-00 Airbus A310   Royal Jordanian Amman-Queen ... 0 hijacked
12-Jul-00 Airbus A310-304 D-AHLB Hapag-Lloyd Wien-Schwech... 0 crashed
30-Jan-00 Airbus A310-304 5Y-BEN Kenya Airways near Abidjan-Feli... 169 crashed
27-Dec-99 Airbus A310-308 JY-AGK Royal Jordanian Shannon Airp... 0 damaged
11-Dec-98 Airbus A310-204 HS-TIA Thai Airways International near Surat Thani ... 101 crashed
14-Sep-98 Airbus A310-203 TC-JCL THY Trabzon Airp... 0 hijacked
26-Aug-96 Airbus A310-304 F-GKTD Sudan Airways London-Stans... 0 hijacked
31-Mar-95 Airbus A310-324 YR-LCC Tarom near Bucharest-Ot... 60 crashed
23-Mar-94 Airbus A310-304 F-OGQS Aeroflot near Mezhduretshensk 75 crashed
25-Oct-93 Airbus A310-222   Nigeria Airways Niamey Airpo... 1 hijacked
11-Feb-93 Airbus A310-304 D-AIDM Lufthansa New York-Joh... 0 hijacked
04-Sep-92 Airbus A310-300 LZ-... Vietnam Airlines Ho Chi Minh ... 0 hijacked
31-Jul-92 Airbus A310-304 HS-TID Thai Airways International near Kathmandu-Tr... 113 crashed
25-Mar-91 Airbus A310   Singapore Airlines Singapore-Ch... 4 hijacked
08-Sep-87 Airbus A310-222 5N-AUG Nigeria Airways Port Harcour... 0 damaged